Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2008

Faculty Award winner

Mitchell Salter

 College of College of Health and Public Affairs

 Health Professions

The foundation for my teaching philosophy is to provide students with immediate tools to apply their knowledge. I agree with teachers of educational progressivism, such as John Dewey, who believe education should teach skills in real life activities. I require students to test their skills using a scientific approach during practice in order to develop a professional viewpoint. My biggest satisfaction with teaching is when a student receives recognition for demonstrating their skills and behaviors as a highly trained professional. Positive reinforcement in a challenging classroom setting propels the student towards skill mastery by encouraging repetition during extracurricular inquiry. I create an atmosphere that is energetic and fun with clear expectations for success. My enthusiasm to learn and participate in the learning of others keeps students engaged.

Each student must actively choose their individual learning process, yet I feel all students possess common characteristics for successful learning. Every student possesses the necessary tools to master their profession, but first must step onto the path. I use my constantly evolving knowledge and training in a range of health care fields to challenge a diverse student body with unique academic interests. My favorite challenge is infusing the typically-viewed low performing student with intrigue and a responsibility to learn. Responsibility for learning is clearly placed upon the student, but I also feel educators have a responsibility to serve students. I believe teachers must be dynamic and not resistant to change in order to meet the individual needs of students. I encourage my stude