Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2009

Faculty Award winner

Ann Marie Whyte

 College of Business Administration


My role as educator is an important component of my contributions to the University of Central Florida. Consistent with my goal of becoming a more effective educator, my teaching style has evolved considerably over the years. I recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and seek to create a rich environment that is conducive to student learning.


Methods of Instruction and Innovations

I consistently strive for excellence in teaching by preparing carefully for each class, incorporating student feedback, and seeking to employ innovative teaching methods in the classroom. I aim to build a sense of community and belonging by using teamwork extensively in my smaller classes to solve problems and cases. I also integrate real-world applications into my courses. I believe that when students see the connections between theory and practice their interest in the course is greatly enhanced.


Professionalism and Respect for Students         

I aim to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in the classroom ranging from being professionally dressed to conducting myself appropriately at all times. I respect and care about my students and my genuine concern is apparent to them. My teaching style and personality put students at ease allowing them to interact with me freely both inside and outside the classroom. Students perceive me as approachable and friendly yet demanding academically.


Activities Aimed at Enhancing Teaching

I believe that continuous improvement is an absolute necessity. To that end, I attend teaching seminars on a regular basis. I have attended the annual, week-long, summer conference sponsored by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) every year since joining the faculty at UCF in 1998. I have incorporated numerous techniques from these seminars into my courses.


Relationship Between Creative Interests and Teaching

I have never subscribed to the false dichotomy that excellence in teaching comes at the expense of excellence in research and vice versa. I have always believed that teaching and research are complementary, and that my students learn more when I can infuse current academic research into my courses.