Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2009

Faculty Award winner

Kristen Schellhase

 College of Health & Public Affairs

 Health Professions

Be Prepared

Plan lectures, labs and exams well in advance. The more organized the educator is, the more organized the student can be. The class syllabus should have a deliberate direction. All assignments should lead to further understanding of the material. Preparation includes making sure that the direction and evaluation of the class is consistent with the direction of the Athletic Training Educational Program.


Be a Leader

An educator must be an effective leader of the class. Decisions made by the leadership should be based on the best interests of the students, while remembering that these decisions are not always popular with the students. Establishing and enforcing standards, even when difficult, will ensure that confusion will be minimized for future students.


Teach Building Blocks

Students are capable of retaining a