Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2010

Faculty Award winner

Xin He

 College of Business Administration


Teaching is a critical aspect of my career. It is also a privilege to be part of students’ learning processes and contribute to their intellectual growth. My undergraduate teaching philosophy can be summarized in two perspectives: passion and diversity in learning experience.

First, passion is the key to a successful learning experience in the classroom. I strongly believe that an effective instructor is not only capable, but also has the intrinsic motivation to excel in teaching. It is equally important to foster students’ motivation to learn and their passion for knowledge. For both the instructor and the students, passion is the prerequisite to success in classroom teaching and learning. I put passion in my work. It is rewarding to see that my efforts have an impact on students’ learning and make a difference in their college education. Such experience adds a lot of value to my career and my life in general.

Second, I believe that diversity in learning experience contributes to teaching effectiveness. Textbooks remain an essential part of classroom teaching; however, alone they may not be sufficient. During the term, I make efforts to supplement the textbook materials with state-of-the-art research findings from premier academic journals. Diversity in learning experiences also comes from multiple methods used in student assessment. In addition to exams and quizzes, I evaluate students according to their performance in written reports and project presentation. While exams and quizzes help them to grasp the key concepts and theories, other methods are aimed to develop their writing and presentation skills, which are particularly important for business students. Further, diversity in assessment offers multiple opportunities to improve their performance throughout the term.

In summary, passion and diversity in learning experience are two cornerstones underlying my undergraduate teaching. It is a privilege to contribute to my students’ educ