Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2010

Faculty Award winner

Jacqueline LaManna

 College of Nursing


I love teaching! I love nursing! Fortunately, the educator role is integral to nursing practice. I have been afforded the opportunity to teach in a variety of positions for most of my nursing career. Each of these experiences has provided the foundation for my philosophy of teaching.

I believe that pre-licensure nursing instructors primarily serve as protectors of the public. Nursing is a complex profession that incorporates critical thinking, psychomotor proficiency, and interpersonal skills. Nurses routinely engage in activities that place patients, and thus the public, at risk. The challenge of the nurse educator is to integrate each of these foundational skills into a safe, sought-after UCF nursing graduate.

As an educator, I want each student who enters the program to succeed and ultimately attain licensure as a registered nurse. I attempt to create an engaging learning environment where “real world” experiences of students and instructors are brought to life. The clinical experiences gained by students are therefore directly integrated with didactic content from the classroom.

Because students are provided with ample opportunity to gain knowledge and skill proficiency, I believe that significant responsibility for academic and clinical success rests with the nursing student. It is incumbent on nursing instructors to stand by established standards to protect the public and the profession.

I believe that the nurse educator has a personal responsibility to role model professional behavior. I personally attempt to demonstrate professionalism by creating a team-oriented work environment for Brevard faculty, maintaining specialty competence, promoting positive relationships with clinical partners, providing respect to students, and role-modeling safe, compassionate client care. As an educator, there is no greater reward than seeing the uncertain first-day nursing student evolve into a competent, self-confident practicing pr