Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2010

Faculty Award winner

Mustapha Mouloua

 College of Sciences


One of my primary goals as a teacher is to generate enthusiasm for the learning experience. Effective teaching requires capturing students’ interest, sparking their curiosity and providing them with the information that will increase their desire to further their knowledge and understanding. My goal is to help students learn, become more independent thinkers, and provide them with the necessary skills they need to be successful in their profession.

I also believe that a teacher’s style, competency, diversity of knowledge, openness, and concern for students are the key factors in teaching success. I have successfully used these skills in my classroom environment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a result of my teaching efforts, I have been awarded three teaching and three research awards at UCF.

Similarly, I have adopted a multi-faceted philosophy that emphasizes written expression, oral communication, critical thinking skills, as well as hands-on experience. My courses include examples, demonstrations, videos, and questions for discussion. In my lectures, I cover a variety of research and statistical methods concepts and use current information and on-line resources to enhance my face-to-face instruction. I also require library research classes and online training sessions on research and ethics for my undergraduate students. This helps them learn how to effectively search for critical information by using various on-line resources.

In sum, it is my belief that teaching is the central function of my role as a professor actively conducting research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In pursuit of this synergy, I have developed and chaired three undergraduate research conferences for Psychology students at UCF and nine other national and international conferences. Whether I am teaching a large undergraduate class or working one-on-one with my students, I enjoy the mentoring process. I believe that my experie