Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2010

Faculty Award winner

Sean Robb

 College of Business Administration

 Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting

I believe that every day my students should leave the classroom having felt the value of preparing for, attending, and participating in class. One way I try to achieve this is by conveying my enthusiasm for teaching and learning. I believe that enthusiasm is infectious and that it can stimulate interest in a topic that otherwise might not be sufficiently intriguing to captivate attention. I treat my students with fairness and respect, I am always meticulously prepared and organized for class, and I clearly identify what I expect from my students on the first day of class, and I never waiver from these expectations. I find that if students know the “rules” and sense that I sincerely care about the quality of their learning experience, they do not resent being pushed hard in class and facing challenging, difficult exams and assignments.