Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2011

Faculty Award winner

Kelly Allred

 College of Nursing


My main objective as an educator is to present students with opportunities that will allow them to learn. My vision of teaching includes presenting a motivated learner with information, ideas, and activities that are carefully designed with particular outcomes in mind. I approach every class meeting, every assignment, and every exam with awareness of this vision.

I believe in using feedback from students to improve any aspect of a course. I believe in trying new strategies to convey information, always looking to optimize the potential for learner retention of information. I believe in remaining flexible, changing strategies based on class size, the needs of the group, or the needs of individual learners. I find that every time I teach a course, I teach it better than the time before. I believe that a course can always be improved, and I work to make that improvement each semester.

I believe in giving feedback to students in a timely manner. Feedback provides students the opportunity to learn and improve on their work for their next assignment. I also believe in fair evaluations of learning. Testing to determine if learning has occurred is important so that I know my students have the knowledge to care for patients in the clinical setting.

The key goal in the undergraduate nursing courses that I teach is the application of the knowledge attained in the clinical setting. Everything I do in a didactic learning environment is a means to that end. To be a successful nursing educator, I must foster critical thinking skills to prepare students to apply knowledge learned in the classroom or laboratory so they will function effectively in many clinical settings, and in many patient situations.

Teaching the next generation of direct care nurses is a privilege, and is not taken lightly. Protection of the public from unsafe practice is important, and I work in each class to ensure the highest standards are maintained so that when students graduate from the University of Central Florida‘s College of Nursing they are fully prepared to care from me and my family, and the public at large. This philosophy drives my teaching.