Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2011

Faculty Award winner

Barbara Moore

 College of Business Administration

 Department of Economics

I am a 36-year veteran of teaching with 12 years experience at the public school level and 24 years at the college level. I believe it is imperative for students to learn the economic way of thinking and the application of economic theory in their lives. I want students to be able to analyze economic policy and how it influences their decisions, as well as corporate, national and international decisions. In this technologically advanced world it is important for students to use technology, understanding that it is part of their present and future.

If someone visits my classroom they will see students engaged in learning with lecture/discussion, in-class activities and applications. Class begins with a display of objectives for the session, followed by analysis of an Internet news article related to economics content. The class then proceeds to learn the content and skills highlighted for the day. Time is spent clarifying the skills and analysis related to My Econ Lab. In class “minds-on” group activities are used with some concepts to give students the opportunity to collaborate in a face-to-face meeting using skills and applications. Since 2005 I have spent my time teaching online and face-to-face classes with the goal of refining the classroom to meet the needs of the students within each format.

Many of the students in my classes are freshmen. I consider it my responsibility to give students the skills they need to adjust from high school to college-level learning. My class structure forces students to become responsible for their learning. All work has deadlines for students to meet, and there are no exceptions for late work—students must learn to plan ahead and adjust their time accordingly. In the workplace, individuals have to assume responsibility for their work and be able to work in a team environment.

To continue the improvement of my students‘ preparation for their academic and workplace careers, I consistently refine the classes I teach to reflect the most current economic analysis and use of technology such as My Econ Lab. I continue to work at improving my technological skills because students are well-prepared in this arena and expect my teaching to use the latest techniques.