Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2012

Faculty Award winner

Seetha Raghavan

 College of Engineering and Computer Science

 Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering

The ability to encourage the best effort in students to help them achieve their full potential is a characteristic that distinguishes a successful educator. With this goal in mind, I work to incorporate established techniques to educate future engineers. At the same time, I approach challenges associated with the growing engineering student population as opportunities to develop and adapt creative methods for effective teaching and mentoring. Through creatively designed short questions given to student teams at the last 15 minutes of the class session, I am able to reinforce a specific theme or concept that was taught in the class. These efforts to implement group work encourages peer teaching. I use these opportunities to communicate with smaller groups of students to assess any difficulties in understanding in "real-time" and immediately address them. The teams often continue to work as study groups to their benefit and the students leave the class confident of being able to apply a concept to a problem. Ensuring that students are well prepared to meet the expectations and challenges of the industry is a responsibility as an educator. I address this through class examples and term projects that provide access to industry specific methods and software.

It is a goal of mine to continuously integrate established teaching methods with technological tools to provide an active and individualized learning experience that transcends class size. Having strong enthusiasm as well as over 7 years of industry experience has always helped me to be more successful in getting knowledge and my passion for my field of study across to others. Constant efforts to measure the success of my teaching are essential to improve and grow as an educator. Accepting the fact that teaching itself is a learning process has helped me to consistently improve and be open to using different methods to meet the learning needs of the diverse student population.