Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2012

Faculty Award winner

Honghui Chen

 College of Business Administration


I believe that a professor must create knowledge and effectively disseminate that knowledge to students. I strive for excellence in research and carry my enthusiasm for research excellence into my teaching. I pursue teaching excellence by setting high expectations for my students, providing rigorous and up-to-date course material, showing my genuine care about their learning, and setting a good example of professionalism in my classroom.

Setting high expectations of the students is a necessary condition for students to have a good learning experience. At the beginning of every course, I let all students know that they are expected to work hard to earn their grades. Following my high expectations, I strive to give rigorous and up-to-date courses that will help students acquire necessary skills to succeed in the future. I give students opportunities to learn using real-life examples, in-class exercises, out-of-class assignments, and projects. Through these hands-on experiences, students develop their problem-solving abilities and, more importantly, the skill of learning. It is my hope that students will receive lifelong benefits from my classes. Since my research is closely related to investments and portfolio management, I have been successful in bringing my research findings and other up-to-date materials into my classes. Students welcome and enjoy the challenges from my classes.

I also genuinely care about students’ learning. I believe that my concern for their learning and their performance in my class also motivates them to care about their performance and to improve their learning.

Finally, I expect professionalism from all my students, and I strive to set a good example for them. I am always in the classroom at least ten minutes before class starts so I can get the necessary preparations done and can use class time more efficiently. I always reply to telephone and e-mail questions promptly. I try to exemplify professionalism and expect students to do the same in my classes.