Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2013

Faculty Award winner

Ann Marie Whyte

 College of Business Administration


Consistent with my goal of becoming a more effective educator, my teaching style has evolved considerably over the years. I recognize that students learn in a variety of ways, and I seek to create a rich environment that is conducive to student learning.

During the spring and summer semesters, I typically teach the lecture-capture section of Business Finance, the introductory finance course required for all business students. I maximize student engagement by continually relating course materials to actual companies. I use a series of module quizzes that require students to use financial data for actual companies to solve problems. For example, in summer 2012, my students had to calculate the cost of capital for Target Corporation using actual data from Target's financial statements. Similarly, I identified an ongoing attempt by one company to acquire another using a series of Wall Street Journal articles. The related quiz required students to analyze the change in the target firm's stock price during the acquisition process.

In my Financial Markets course, I utilize teamwork extensively to solve problems and cases. This enables me to provide more personalized instruction in my undergraduate classes by working with each small group to ensure that each student understands the particular problem or case being analyzed. I also require students to read the Wall Street Journal and other sources of financial information, including websites provided on my home page. I have also introduced StockTrak into the Financial Markets course. StockTrak is an educational financial-trading simulation featuring trading of US stocks, options, bonds, futures, mutual funds, futures options, and equities from over 20 global exchanges. I require students to purchase various securities, provide justification for their investments, and provide a report analyzing their performance at the end of the course. This has been extremely valuable to my students.

I aim to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in the classroom. I respect and care about my students, and my genuine concern is apparent to them. I believe my teaching style and personality put students at ease, allowing them to interact with me freely both inside and outside the classroom.