Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2013

Faculty Award winner

Martha Garcia

 College of Arts and Humanities

 Modern Languages and Literatures

I consider teaching a vital part of my persona. I am a firm believer in applying teacher-student collaboration through instruction, research, and service. My teaching practice incorporates concepts and premises that I help learners apply pragmatically. I also believe my teaching functions in conjunction with the values of the institution I serve on a daily basis. It is my desire to improve constantly my teaching skills, so I am always participating in research, conferences, and workshops.

In the classroom, I stimulate collaboration through discussions of classic Spanish texts because this practice helps learners transfer timeless principles such as integrity to the more complex modern reality of becoming participants of our own decision-making process. I guide students in producing formal creative projects in class assignments—original theatrical plays—to help them explore their potential in creativity and resourcefulness.

I integrate teacher-student association through research because it denotes my commitment to the students, the academic community, and to the society of which I am a part. Therefore, I include analytical questions in my students' assignments, class discussions, and independent studies. I encourage students' authorship while supervising undergraduate thesis and research projects. These approaches equip the student with the level of scholarship required to obtain their ultimate academic aims.

I embrace service-learning components and teach in study-abroad programs, so I promote the presence of dialogue through new possibilities of thinking that demonstrate the understanding of functioning in a local and global community.

My students' success indicates excellence in learning and teaching; it represents the ultimate end of effective teacher-student collaboration. My intent is to promote a quality learning environment where each student becomes a successful learner. It is my honor to invest a great deal of time and expertise, and personalized attention contributing to the quality of education through high standards in teaching and learning.