Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2013

Faculty Award winner

Vicki Lavendol

 College of Rosen

 Hospitality Services

At Rosen College, my goal is to prepare our students to be successful leaders in hospitality. The Rosen College values of professionalism, leadership, and service are the perfect foundation. We build on that foundation each time we lead students in learning. In sharing information, I use a variety of learning approaches incorporating all of the senses and all of the learning styles.

I try to get all students up and out of their seats for interactive learning experiences. I enlist students in the process of sharing information with their colleagues. This enables them to become "experts" on one topic each term and also allows them to model how they prefer to learn. It also allows them to experience the challenge of engaging 45 or more students in learning and helps them see themselves as classroom participants.

I learn the names of each of my nearly 200 students each semester. I believe in building a relationship, and it is impossible to have a relationship with being able to address each other by name. To accelerate relationship building in my classes, I self-facilitate a process that enables the students to get to know me. I get to know them, and they get to know each other.

The goal is to put as much information on the table in front of us as we can during our very first face to face meeting. I invite students to ask me any question at all, and I answer their questions, to model that I welcome any and all questions. The ultimate goal of this learning experience is to eliminate trial and error mistakes for students in the classroom. The final intended outcome is that they are treated and respected as individuals and as professionals.