Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2015

Faculty Award winner

Carolyn Massiah

 College of Business Administration


I find Marketing fascinating. I also truly enjoy educating others. So, I know that I am a member of the world's best profession. I have the magnificent opportunity to teach students about Marketing. When I enter the classroom, I acknowledge and embrace the fact that I have both marketing majors and non-majors as students. As such, I teach Marketing so that each of these core groups walk away with some useful information. Whether they are going to be a marketing manager or a consumer, each student should see some relevance in the course that I am teaching.

It is truly gratifying when I teach, regardless of the delivery mode (face-to-face, lecture capture, completely on-line or mixed mode instruction). I am an artist in the classroom, constantly working to create a masterpiece that every student will interpret in different ways. As such, like any true artist, I do not allow the tools or materials I utilize (various delivery modes in this case) to hinder me in still creating a masterpiece. A student, regardless of delivery mode, should still be able to discern the material and appreciate the concepts of the course.

My primary goal in teaching is to create student-centered learning experiences. As such, I expect and actively prompt students to actively participate in the learning process via group projects, case analyses, class discussions, and presentations. I also actively seek out applied and service-learning based opportunities for my students. Finally, I utilize current events to which students can relate in order to communicate class concepts.

My teaching experience has provided me the opportunity to develop and refine skills in the following areas: engagement of students in classroom discussion, management of team-based projects, implementation of experiential learning techniques, and development of lectures offering managerial applications of course content. My experience has also allowed me to develop a classroom presence that is welcoming to students and comfortable to me and my own personality.

My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that involvement of students in all aspects of their learning acts to develop their critical, analytical and problem-solving skills and moves students beyond rote memorization towards understanding their world through reinterpreting knowledge. Involvement of students can only be truly stimulated when students believe the teacher wants to hear from them and appreciates their thoughts and opinions. That is my aim each and every time I interact with a student.