Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Cynthia Gundy

 College of Business Administration


A college education is about preparing students for the rest of their professional lives. Indeed students must be taught the discipline's jargon, its decision making tools and how best to apply them as well as the underlying foundation on which those theories are based. But so many other critical lessons are key in this level of their development such as how to be an ethical, productive corporate citizen, how to take charge of and be responsible for their own successes (and failures) and most importantly how to learn. The importance of continuous learning is instilled in each one of my students. It is my hope that they leave this university with the conviction that their teaming has not just ended but rather just begun.

Feeling as strongly as I do about continuous teaming, I find it critical to make teaming an engaging experience so that students want to take part; classroom learning must be a sharing process. If I can somehow replace their willingness to take courses simply because they're required with a true desire to learn, perhaps they will seek ways to continue doing so in their career.

For the remainder of the semester, I provide my students a very challenging but fair environment in which they can-grow professionally as they learn to be successful Marketers. I push them to work hard, uphold the rules and hold them accountable for their performance, much like their boss will do and much like they will do when they themselves become leaders.

It is important to use a variety of pedagogical tools and technologies so as to appeal to all students' teaming styles. It is also important to remain flexible from course to course, semester to semester and student to student. I also believe that if students think they will need something later, they will work harder to hold onto it today. As a result, I take a very practical approach to every class discussion, assignment and exam, always incorporating its real-world application. I look for creative ways to include lessons on the soft skills of business, such as business etiquette and the ability to effectively write and present ideas.