Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Edwardo Divo

 College of Engineering and Computer Science

 Engineering Technology

During my relatively long career as an educator in the field of engineering, I have come to realize that a Teaching Philosophy is a product of an evolutionary process that adapts to many different circumstances and that it transcends borders and even language barriers.

My philosophy begins by placing myself in the position of the student. I accomplish this by keeping a fresh memory of my years as a student and understanding the difference of what promotes learning and what does not. In doing so, I realize that a university is only made of students, and without them our profession would not exist. As such, I must live by the philosophy that the student is the most important entity in the organization and his/her satisfaction entirely determines my performance.

My philosophy emphasizes maintaining an open-door policy, making myself available to student questions, providing support, requiring discipline and responsibility, providing all resources possible, keeping myself up-to-date on all the subjects, incorporating elements to challenge the students' intellect, enhancing my teaching methods with the latest technologies, making the classes dynamic and involved, and assigning work that relates with real-life scenarios.

Overall, I maintain the vision and pride that allow me to say that in over sixteen years of teaching, I have never missed a class or had to call upon the attention of a student. In conclusion, my Teaching Philosophy is driven entirely by the students and it is geared towards achieving an optimal learning environment where they can maximize their gain.