Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Barbara Moore

 College of Business Administration


I believe it is imperative for students to learn the economic way of thinking and applications of economic theory in their lives, and to use technology to do both. I want students to be able to analyze economic policy and how it influences their decisions, as well as corporate, national and international decisions.

My students engage in learning with discussion, in-class activities and applications. Class commences with a display of objectives for the class followed by analysis of an Internet news article related to economics content. The class then proceeds with various strategies including quizzes in WebCT, activities in Aplia, and "minds-on" group activities.

My classroom is without walls, it extends beyond the 75 minute timeframe. Students are actively engaged online throughout the semester.

To continue the improvement of my students' preparation for their academic and workplace careers, I consistently refine the classes I teach to reflect the most current economic analysis and use of technology. I continue to work at improving my technological skills because students are well-prepared in this arena and expect my teaching to use the latest techniques.