Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Mihir Parikh

 College of Business Administration

 Management Information Systems

Teaching brings me a deep personal satisfaction that I am contributing back to the society, which has provided me with tremendous opportunities for professional and personal growth. I strongly believe that every one of my students also deserve the same opportunities. With this objective in mind, I strive to construct an environment in my classrooms that creates optimal conditions for knowledge development through active learning. In an increasingly global and competitive business environment, information technology I teach today might become obsolete tomorrow, but the underlying principles do not change. Thus, students have to learn to continue to learn even long after they graduate. Therefore, I see my role, as sowing the seeds of learning. Since I view teaching as a learned art, I consciously try to improve my teaching methods. I make special effort to individualized my teaching style to fit the student's learning style. Thus, teaching also helps me learn and continue to grow as I help students learn and grow.

In summary, the key elements of my teaching philosophy are:

Focus Active learning
Environment Knowledge development
Emphasis Knowledge development
Orientation Student Domain Knowledge Enhancement
Method Technology-enhanced interactive dialogs
Evaluation Continuous feedback: Small, frequent quizzes and in-class group assignments
Student Motivation Student generated - Intrinsic
Role of Faculty Development and enhancement