Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2007

Faculty Award winner

Houman Sadri

 College of Sciences

 Political Science

Education is a tool for improving the quality of life. Education is not an end in itself but a process. My teaching philosophy is to encourage critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, practical application of theory, using technology, and tolerance of diverse ideas and cultures from an international perspective. To achieve these goals, I employ an interactive teaching style, which empowers students by encouraging them to contribute to the discussion of both familiar and unfamiliar topics and materials. My teaching goals are both to share my academic knowledge and experience with my students and to inspire and help them to become life-long learners.

Active learning fosters academic success. When students take part in the learning process they learn more and retain more than when operating in the passive mode.

Students learn through repetition. All college students can learn the material if they see it, hear it and/or read it several times

Students will work harder and learn more if the course is relevant to their lives. I always emphasize how international and national issues affect us directly.