Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2017

Faculty Award winner

Scott Bukstein

 College of Business Administration

 Sport Management

My teaching philosophy is centered on challenging undergraduate students intellectually to enable students to develop personally, academically, and professionally. I fully understand that there is a difference between an instructor lecturing and students learning. I view each class period as an interactive business meeting. I strategically structure each course I teach as a rigorous business class instead of a fan-based course about sports. Students are required to apply business theories and principles (for example, economics, finance, statistics, marketing, management, accounting, and legal theories and principles) to current business challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in the sport business industry. “Sport” is merely the context in which we learn about substantive business concepts and constructs. My teaching approach centers on actionable knowledge and practical application of theoretical frameworks. Strategic risk-taking is encouraged. Data-drive decision-making is emphasized. I use real-world examples and case studies to illustrate business concepts analyzed and discussed in class. This “case study” approach helps students retain and apply course concepts. The primary goal is to prepare students for a career after they graduate. Therefore, my ultimate teaching focus is on outcomes.