Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2006

Faculty Award winner

Kenneth White

 College of Business Administration


Formal education is highly correlated to national productivity and individual accomplishments. The skills that students develop help a nation’s productivity while at the same time reward individuals for their commitment to excellence. Teaching is, I believe, one of the most important endeavors taking place in our economy.

All students have the capacity and desire to learn and succeed. Teaching is a partnership between the student and instructor. The instructor’s goal is to facilitate the learning process of students to allow them to master difficult concepts. Some students have the ability to understand concepts quicker. However, by presenting a concept, or topic, via different alternative approaches (intuitively, mathematically, using analogies, etc.) makes it possible for all students to learn. All that is required is a willingness on the student’s part to participate.

I am in my 38th year of teaching at UCF and I have always valued my relationship with our students. It is my belief that the relationship between instructor and student should not one of advocacy as defined in our legal