Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2006

Faculty Award winner

Nicole Howatt

 College of Business Administration


I strongly believe that teaching makes a difference. I believe that at the root of being an effective teacher is the inherent ability to recognize that a class is composed of individuals, each arriving with a different background and a different set of goals, values and motivations. I must be a figure who the students can relate to, as well as one who is helping to shape, evolve, and redirect their academic journey. I continuously learn from every student I instruct. As a result of this reciprocation, my academic journey continues to be shaped and evolved.

Promote high standards, then monitor and reward achievement. By promoting high-standards, I build expectations for success by convincing studentís of their ability to succeed and provide them with successful experiences

Establish an atmosphere in which academic goals are emphasized. I implement a clear set of rules through a detailed syllabus. I continuously have a positive attitude and encourage it in each of my students. My preparations for each class are intense, as I prepare for each class as though it is a new one. Because each class is so important to me, I want and expect the same of the students. I reinforce this expectation in my syllabus while rewarding them for class participation. I believe that when each student feels as though they are instrumental in the success of the class and that their input is valued, then they will attend class.

Maintain a participatory and orderly environment. I continuously invite guided group discussions. I believe that students can learn a great deal from each other. I believe that learning should be fun. I promote this by being enthusiastic about the material and allowing students to apply this material. I implement real world applications, class exercises, team discussions, cases, and videos. The classes that I teach are generally a businesslike but relaxed atmosphere.