Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2005

Faculty Award winner

Lisa Smith

 College of Health & Public Affairs


My philosophy of teaching and learning is multifaceted. My teaching environment is complex due to the fact that I teach in classroom and clinical environments. Throughout the classroom and clinical experiences I teach the information and critical thinking processes that the students will learn and demonstrate within their clinical environment. Critical thinking skills are developed in a multi-step format. Initially the students develop a fundamental knowledge base, building upon this foundation with advanced concepts of understanding the various disease processes, the potential consequences and interventions to prevent these consequences. The evolution of critical thinking skills evolve from this fundamental foundation, advanced concepts and clinical experiences.

My responsibility in my role as a teacher is to assist the nursing students in understanding the many dimensions involved in patient care. My goal in both the clinical and classroom environment is to increase the students understanding of the relationship between the patient’s disease pathophysiology and their medications, treatments and laboratory findings. Emphasis is on the fact that knowledge of appropriate responses makes the difference between a poor outcome and an optimal outcome for the patient.