Teaching Excellence Awards

 Year Awarded: 2008

Faculty Award winner

Kathie Holland

 College of Business Administration


“Teach on, Kathie Holland! Teach on!” A student wrote this on a Student Perception of Instruction form, and it still echoes in my mind. There are six principles that provide the foundation of my teaching philosophy: Fan the Passion to Incite Action, Create Structure, Build Relationships, Model the Role, Be Humble, and Balance Rigor and Applause.Fan the Passion to Incite Action: This refers to the passion, energy, and commitment I feel for my courses. The more I enjoy teaching a course, the higher my students rate their experience. As I walk to class I ask myself, “Why I am passionate about the chapter that I am about to cover?”  I also incite my students to get excited about their own learning.  Start a business! Build a network!  Imagine a slam-dunk business strategy that will revolutionize an industry!  Become a “Great Manager”, and avoid becoming a “Bad Boss” like the avian flu! I incite action, fun and laughter, and forward movement. Create Structure: Undergraduate students need a lot of structure through learning tools such as diagrams, grading rubrics, written instructions and grade sheets, sample papers from previous terms, and exam study guides. My assignments force students to be creative and innovative.  Build Relationships: I am always a teacher, inside my classroom and elsewhere. I invite students to spend at least fifteen minutes with me in my office to provide me the luxury of getting to know and support each of them individually. Model the Role: I endeavor to be a good role model of professionalism and leadership. Integrate the Business Education 2010 Competencies of creativity, adapting to change (my favorite motto is that “I eat change for breakfast”), teamwork, communication, and diversity and ethical decision-making.Be Humble: The only person I try to be better than is the person I was yesterday. Balance Rigor and Applause: While