March - Week 1

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Check out the information below about activities at the Faculty Center and beyond. 
Have a great spring break!

The activities below will take place in the Faculty Center (Classroom Building One, Room 207) unless otherwise noted. This semester, we’re experimenting with workshop RSVPs. If you would like to attend one of this week’s workshops, please email with the title and date of the workshop to reserve your spot. If you would like to participate virtually, please include that in your response and we will try to accommodate your request.

Tuesday, March 8th
Workshop: Confronting a Student Suspected of Academic Misconduct 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in CB1-202 (Faculty Multimedia Center). See details below.

Thursday, March 10th
Faculty Writing Club 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Friday, March 11th
Faculty Writing Club 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Confronting a Student Suspected of Academic Misconduct
You witness a student cheating on an exam, you determine a student has plagiarized a paper, you receive a document from a student excusing them from class you believe to be forged, or you have evidence that two students have collaborated on a homework assignment.  So you have the evidence, now how do you present it to the student involved?  We will provide constructive, conversational style, non-confrontational approaches of how to communicate (verbally or via email) to students suspicions of academic misconduct.

Presenter: Jennifer Wright, Director, Office of Integrity and Ethical Development, Student Rights and Responsibilities
Attend face-to-face or via Adobe Connect at

Monday, March 14 – 12 p.m.-1 p.m. – CB1-205
The continually rising costs of college textbooks, along with the proliferation of online learning, has prompted the creation and use of digital open educational resources (OER). Attend this brown bag lunch discussion and discover how to search for OERs, as well as how to use the content to promote active learning techniques such as flipping the classroom. Find out how faculty at UCF are already accessing and using OER in their classes. A director from OpenStax, a grant-funded initiative that produces high-quality open online textbooks in 20 subjects, will describe the opportunities for those interested in authoring and reviewing OER materials.

For more information, please contact Aimee DeNoyelles (

The Center for Distributed Learning, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), and Instructure are teaming up to bring two professional development opportunities to learn more about online teaching and learning and Canvas. 

  • OLC Collaborate is coming to the UCF Campus on Thursday, 3/10/16.  OLC Collaborate is an intensive, interactive, and collaborative day with regional experts speaking on topics covering blended learning, learning analytics, and competency-based learning.  The one day event is only $115 for OLC members (UCF is an OLC member) and lunch is included in registration fee. The conference will be in the Classroom 1 building. Register today for OLC Collaborate - Orlando
  • Florida CanvasCon conference will be held on Friday, 3/11/16, in the UCF Student Union.  CanvasCon provides a unique opportunity to learn about Canvas from other Canvas users. You won't want to miss this unique opportunity to network with other institutions in the area, and see how Canvas is being used all over Florida. The cost is $25.  Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.  Register HERE! 

The Course Preview tool is available to advertise a tentative syllabus to potential students who are registering for classes. This information is not automatically available to all students. Faculty must opt-in to this feature. The tentative syllabus can only be seen by current UCF students and is not available via the public search for classes. For more information on how to construct a course preview, visit: For instructions on how to opt-in to this feature, visit:

The editorial board of the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) is pleased to announce a call for submissions for new TOPR entries from now until April 30, 2016. Selected entries will be announced in May 2016.

Please consider submitting an entry using the submission form at:

You may wish to review the entries selected from the previous call for submissions:  

As you may know, this peer-reviewed scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) resource is emerging as a go-to destination for faculty/designers in search of ideas for online and blended courses. Each entry is highly focused on one teaching practice with a solid description, concrete example(s), relevant professional practice or research literature, and key words connecting to other practices.

It’s a national election year, and the UCF Diversity Week will seek to engage our campus community on the impact of political debate and government structure on diverse individuals and groups. Our theme is  “Empowering Diverse Voices in Our Democracy.” We need the help of our awesome faculty! Please share the 2016 Diversity Week Student Poster Contest with your students. The winning poster will reflect a campus that values diversity and inclusion and successfully represents our theme through the power of visual art. Please visit our website to download the poster competition rules/application

Join a faculty writing club to start your spring semester off with a focus on productivity and camaraderie. Having trouble getting into a good writing rhythm? Need to get away from your office to get a change of perspective and a little privacy? Forget the coffee shop—join your colleagues on Thursday and Friday mornings from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. in FCTL for a loosely structured writing session. We'll take five or six minutes each week to go around the room and state a goal for the time block and then spend the rest of the time working on our individual projects. Bring your own laptop or use an FCTL computer. And of course there will be coffee. Everyone is welcome!


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We will love only what we understand
We will understand only what we are taught
- Baba Dioum, Senegalese ecologist As a biologist who focuses on conservation issues, I thumb-tacked this quote to the bulletin board above my office desk. It continua...

Christopher Geiger
College of Engineering and Computer Science Christopher Geiger My teaching approach inside and outside the classroom is based on my view that an instructor, in addition to being a supplier of knowledge, is a facilitator of knowledge. In my opinion, an effective teacher should have sound fundamentals and command over the theoretical concepts as well as a broad knowledge beyon...

Christopher Parkinson
College of Sciences Christopher   Parkinson As a hyperactive, quickly bored child, I presented a sizable challenge to my teachers. Conventional teaching methods did not work with me, but if given a problem to solve, I spent many hours and tried many strategies in my attempts to figure it out. My reluctance to use conventional learning styles then became an ...