Below is information about upcoming activities and opportunities sponsored by a variety of groups on campus. If you have questions about this information, you can follow up with those entities using the links below.

Faculty, along with a community partner, are invited to submit a proposal to create or further develop a collaborative project that engages undergraduate students in research related to community-identified needs. Five awards of $1,000 will be made for 2018-2019, with the option of a $500 renewal for 2019-2020. For more information, please visit: https://honors.ucf.edu/honors-community-based-research/.
Applications are due Monday, July 2, 2018.

Register for Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching—Leveraging OER: Creating an Affordable and Customized Student Learning Experience

Whether you are looking to save your students money on high-priced course materials or leverage learning content that offers you the freedom to customize the learning experience for your highly-diverse student demographic, open educational resources (OER) can help you to achieve your goals.

Please join us on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 1 PM in the John C. Hitt Library room 161b or online via Webinar to explore the richness of openly-licensed educational materials, where to find them, and potential use cases for implementation in your courses. As a feature of this 30-minute session, a UCF professor will share his story about his journey to OER and how his idea began a chain of events that turned his static text to life for his students.

Register now to attend face-to-face OR online OR to receive a recording for later viewing at http://dl.ucf.edu/oer. All are invited to participate, including those within the UCF community and with UCF Connect, as well as those off-campus, not affiliated with UCF. The face-to-face option is exclusively for UCF faculty and staff.

For any questions, please contact Corrinne Stull at corrinne.stull@ucf.edu.

Scroll and Quill Society: Application now open!
The Scroll and Quill Society recognizes outstanding achievement in research and creative activities. The 2018-19 application period is now open for all UCF faculty members who have maintained continuous full-time faculty appointment at UCF since August 2008. Apply online by Sept. 21 at https://facultyexcellence.ucf.edu/scroll-and-quill-application/.

The promotion & tenure system will open for applications on July 5, 2018 at https://facultyexcellence.ucf.edu/promotion/

UCF Women of Distinction Award: Deadline 8/15
We are excited to announce the seventh year of the Women of Distinction awards, highlighting the achievements of outstanding women faculty at UCF!
Three awards will be given this year for “Excellence in Turning your Big Ideas into Big Successes at UCF.” The winners will each receive a professional development stipend in the amount of $1,000 to be used for professional travel, research development and academic materials.
Have you turned a Big Idea into a Big Success? Or know someone who has? Learn more and apply today at https://facultyexcellence.ucf.edu/women-of-distinction-award/.

Associate Professor Mentoring Community: Deadline 8/15
If you are an associate professor who is interested in mapping your career goals (both short and long term) and would like to do so with a supportive group of peers in a structured environment, this is the program for you. The Associate Professor Mentoring Communities will combine monthly whole-community, workshop-oriented meetings with smaller peer mentoring groups, each guided by specific topics and tasks. Open to new and experienced tenured associate professors, it brings together faculty from across UCF to build diverse mentoring and support networks. Learn more and apply today at https://facultyexcellence.ucf.edu/associate-professor-mentoring-communities/.

Women's Leadership Community: Deadline 8/15
Navigating the waters of academic leadership as a woman can provide unique challenges. Our Women's Leadership Community tackles these topics head on. If you are a full-time woman faculty at rank of associate or above in your career path and you're interested in academic leadership, learn more and apply today at https://facultyexcellence.ucf.edu/cswf-faculty-mentoring-community/.

Research-Intensive (RI) Course Designation application process is set to roll out beginning Fall 2018 at https://dtl.ucf.edu/high-impact-practices/course-designations/research-intensive/. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with the deadline to be considered for Spring designation 8am, September 3rd. More information regarding submissions requirements will be posted to the above page soon. Contact our@ucf.edu with questions.

Summer Poster Showcase, July 27th
The Summer Poster Showcase features Summer Fellows and REU Site participants presenting their research in the Student Union, Key West Ballroom, 3:30-4:30pm.  Last year, the inaugural event was a tremendous success.  We invite faculty and students to stop by this year to support these undergraduate researchers and discuss their projects.

Enroll Students in Directed Independent Research (4912)
One of the most accessible opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in and document faculty-guided research is to enroll in Directed Independent Research (4912). Students can enroll for credit if a degree plan allows or for zero credit hours at no cost so long as they enroll in other coursework. Please have students that you are mentoring in research and creative scholarship enroll in Directed Independent Research (4912) at https://our.ucf.edu/current/courses/.

Request a Mentoring Report
Have you mentored student researchers? Request a report on all documented students who you mentored since 2009. Email our@ucf.edu.

The Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR: http://topr.online.ucf.edu) is a go-to destination for faculty/designers in search of ideas for online and blended courses. Each entry is highly focused on one teaching practice with a solid description, concrete example(s), relevant professional practice or research literature, and key words connecting to other practices.

The editorial board of TOPR is pleased to announce a call for submissions for new TOPR entries from now until September 15, 2018. Authors will receive feedback on their submissions by October 31, 2018. Selected entries will be announced in December 2018.

Please consider submitting an entry using the submission form at: http://ucf.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1z7Syo449Vszpv7   

If you have any questions or access difficulties, please feel free to contact topr@ucf.edu.

The Faculty Center is happy to share information about events or activities that are relevant to faculty in the listserv each month. If you would like to request that we include an announcement, please email me a paragraph (three to four sentences) including a link to additional information if appropriate, by close of business on the last Wednesday of the month for inclusion on the following Sunday. Please verify that all links are correct before submitting. Due to technological constraints we cannot include attachments or HTML formatted text. Remember to include critical details like the place and time for the event and feel free to suggest a headline. Announcements will run for one month, with exceptions in special circumstances. Just send your announcements to fctl@ucf.edu and we will help to spread the word.

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