Teaching Books by Discipline

Department Book
  Author Year Title Publisher ISBN In the UCF Library?
Accounting n/a c1998 Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations Stamford, Conn.: JAI Press 1527-893X Yes
Anthropology Rice, Patricia C.;
McCurdy, David W.;
Kottak, Conrad Phillip;
Moses, Yolanda T.
2000 Strategies in Teaching Anthropology Prentice Hall College Div 0130256838 Yes
Art Rockman, Deborah A. 2000 The Art of Teaching Art: A Guide for Teaching and Learning the Foundations of Drawing-Based Art Oxford University Press 0195130790 Yes
Art Addison, Nicholas 2003 Issues in Art and Design Teaching Routledge Falmer 0415266688 Yes
Art Prentice, Roy 1995 Teaching Art and Design: Addressing Issues and Identifying Directions Continuum International Publishing Group 0304330728 Yes
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences National Science Teachers Association, NSTA Press Journals Collection 2001 Practicing Science: The Investigative Approach in College Science Teaching National Science Teachers Association Press 0873551958 Yes
Business Rader, M.
H., & Kurth, L.A.
2008 Effective Methods of Teaching Business Education in the 21st Century. National Business Education Association Yearbook, No. 41 Reston, VA: National Business Education Association 0933964595 No
Chemistry Ellison, Mark D.;
Schoolcraft, Tracy A.
2007 Advances in Teaching Physical Chemistry Oxford University Press 0841239983 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering Wankat, Phillip C.;
Oreovicz, Frank C.
1992 Teaching Engineering Mcgraw-Hill College 0070681546 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies 2005 Educating the Engineer of 2020 : Adapting Engineering Education to the New Century National Academies Press 0309096499 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering Heywood, John 2005 Engineering Education: Research and Development in Curriculum and Instruction Wiley-IEEE Press 0471741116 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering Davidson, Cliff I.;
Ambrose, Susan A.;
Simon, Herbert A.
1994 The New Professor’s Handbook: A Guide to Teaching and Research in Engineering and Science Jossey-Bass 1882982010 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering McCray, Richard;
DeHaan, Robert Lawrence;
Schuck, Julie Anne;
National Research Council (U.S.);
Steering Committee on Criteria and Benchmarks for Increased Learning from Undergraduate STEM Instruction
2003 Improving Undergraduate Instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Report of a Workshop National Academies Press 0309089298 Yes
Civil and Environmental Engineering Kalman, Calvin S. 2007 Successful Science and Engineering Teaching in Colleges and Universities Anker Publishing Company, Inc. 1933371161 Yes
Communication Sloan, William David 1990 Makers of the Media Mind: Journalism Educators and their Ideas Lawrence Erlbaum 0805806989 Yes
Communication Murray, Michael D.;
Moore, Roy L.
2003 Mass Communication Education Wiley-Blackwell Publishing 0813802741 Yes
Digital Media Page-Bothelho, Mark 2008 Teaching Digital Media in an Open Source World Page-Botelho 0615187161 No
Digital Media Heller, Steven 2003 Teaching Graphic Design: Course Offerings and Class Projects from the Leading Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Allworth Press 1581153058 Yes
Economics Becker, William E.;
Watts, Michael
2000 Teaching Economics to Undergraduates: Alternatives to Chalk and Talk Edward Elgar Publishing 184064270X Yes
Educational Studies Murray, Frank B.;
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
1995 The Teacher Educator’s Handbook: Building a Knowledge Base for the Preparation of Teachers Jossey-Bass 0787901210 Yes
Educational Studies Pytlik, Betty Parsons; Liggett, Sarah 2001 Preparing College Teachers of Writing: Histories, Theories, Programs, Practices Oxford University Press 0195143094 Yes
Educational Studies Loughran, J. John 1997 Teaching about Teaching: Purpose, Passion and Pedagogy in Teacher Education Routledge 0750707089 Yes
Educational Studies Fenstermacher, Gary D.; Soltis, Jonas F. 1998 Approaches to Teaching Teachers College Press 0807738093 Yes
English (focused on writing) Coffin, Caroline 2002 Teaching Academic Writing: A Toolkit for Higher Education Routledge 0415261368 Yes
English (focused on writing) Williams, James D. 2003 Preparing to Teach Writing: Research, Theory, and Practice Lawrence Erlbaum 0805841644 Yes
English (focused on writing) Pytlik, Betty Parsons;
Liggett, Sarah
2001 Preparing College Teachers of Writing: Histories, Theories, Programs, Practices Oxford University Press 0195143094 Yes
English (focused on writing) Good, Tina LaVonne; Warshauer, Leanne B. 1999 In Our Own Voice: Gradute Students Teach Writing Longman 0205306969 Yes
English (focused on writing) Power, Brenda Miller 1997 Long Roads, Short Distances: Teaching Writing and Writing Teachers Heinemann 0435072404 Yes
English (focused on writing) Calkins, Lucy McCormick 1994 The Art of Teaching Writing Heinemann 0435088092 Yes
English (focused on writing) Topping, Donna; Hoffman, Sandra Josephs 2006 Getting Grammar: 150 New Ways to Teach an Old Subject Heinemann 0325009430 Yes
Film Alvarado, Manuel 1993 The Screen Education Reader Columbia University Press 0231081103 Yes
Forensic Science n/a Education and Training in Forensic Science: A Guide for Forensic Science Laboratories, Educational Institutions, and Students Washington, DC: U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice View PDF N/A
Food Service and Lodging Management Hegarty, Joseph A. 2004 Standing the Heat: Assuring Curriculum Quality in Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Routledge 0789018977 Yes
Health Professions Diekelmann, Nancy L. 2003 Teaching the Practitioners of Care: New Pedagogies for the Health Professions University of Wisconsin Press 0299184803 Yes
Health Professions Kember, David 2001 Reflective Teaching & Learning in the Health Professions: Action Research in Professional Education Wiley-Blackwell 0632057394 Yes
History Pahl, Ron H. 2005 Creative Ways to Teach the Mysteries of History Scarecrow Education 1578862507 Yes
History Pahl, Ron H. 2002 Breaking Away from the Textbook: Creative Ways to Teach World History (Three Vol. Set) Scarecrow Education 0810837617 Yes
History Veccia, Susan H. 2003 Uncovering Our History: Teaching with Primary Sources ALA Editions 0838908624 Yes
Hospitality Services Koppel, Joseph;
Kavanaugh, Raphael R.;
Van Dyke, Tom
2004 Hospitality with a Heart : Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Lodging, Foodservice, and Tourism Stylus Publishing 1563770695 Yes
Interpersonal Communication Natalle, E.J. 2008 Teaching Interpersonal Communication: Resources and Readings Bedford/St. Martin's Professional Resources. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins. 0312455429 No
Legal Studies Friedland, S.I., & Hess, G.F. 2004 Teaching the Law School Curriculum Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press 089089244X No
Legal Studies Hess, G.F., & Friedland, S.I. 1999 Techniques for Teaching Law Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press 0890897859 Yes
Legal Studies Schachter, M. 2004 The Law Professor's Handbook: A Practical Guide to Teaching Law Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press 0890895503 No
Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies Nelson, Michael and Associates 2000 Alive at the Core: Exemplary Approaches to General Education in the Humanities Jossey-Bass 0787947601 Yes
Management Clawson, James G. S.; Haskins, Mark E. 2006 Teaching Management: A Field Guide for Professors, Consultants, and Corporate Trainers Cambridge University Press 0521689864 Yes
Marketing n/a c.1976 Journal of Marketing Education Sage Publications Inc. 0273-4753 Yes
Mathematics Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences 2001 Teaching Mathematics in Colleges and Universities: Case Studies for Today’s Classroom American Mathematical Society 0821828231 Yes
Modern Languages and Literatures Pleuger, Jan 2001 How to Teach Modern Languages - and Survive! Multilingual Matters Limited 1853595438 Yes
Modern Languages and Literatures Brown, H. Douglas 2000 Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, Fourth Edition Pearson ESL 0130178160 Yes
Modern Languages and Literatures Haggstrom, Margaret Austin 1995 The Foreign Language Classroom: Bridging Theory and Practice Routledge 0815315082 Yes
Modern Languages and Literatures Blaz, Deborah 1999 Foreign Language Teacher’s Guide to Active Learning Eye on Education 1883001757 No
Modern Languages and Literatures Blaz, Deborah 2006 Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Foreign Language Teachers Eye on Education 1596670207 Yes
Music Hennessy, Sarah 1995 Music 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills Routledge 0415105587 Yes
Nursing Billings, D.M., & Halstead, J.A. 2005 Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty Saunders 0721603777 Yes
Nursing DeYound, S. 2000 Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators Prentice Hall 0121790269 Yes
Philosophy Wilson, Arnold 1988 Demonstrating Philosophy: Novel Ways to Teach Philosophical Concepts University Press of America 0819171980 Yes
Physics Viennot, Laurence 2003 Teaching Physics Springer 1402012756 Yes
Physics Knight, Randall D. 2002 Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching Addison Wesley 0805387021 Yes
Physics Arons, Arnold B. 1996 Teaching Introductory Physics Wiley 0471137073 Yes
Psychology Goss Lucas, Sandra 2008 Guide to Teaching Introductory Psychology Wiley-Blackwell 1405151501  
Psychology Sternberg, Robert J. 1997 Teaching Introductory Psychology: Survival Tips from the Experts American Psychological Association 1557984174 Yes
Psychology Benjamin, Ludy T. Jr. 2008 Favorite Activities for the Teaching of Psychology American Psychological Association 1433803496 Yes
Psychology Buskist, William;
Davis, Stephen F.
2005 Handbook of the Teaching of Psychology Blackwell Publishers 1405132043 Yes
Psychology Lucas, Sandra Goss; Bernstein, Douglas A. 2004 Teaching Psychology: A Step by Step Guide Lawrence Erlbaum 080584225X Yes
Psychology Hartley, James;
McKeachie, Wilbert James
1990 Teaching Psychology: Readings From Teaching of Psychology Lawrence Erlbaum 0805806083 Yes
Public Administration Nagel, S.S. 1999 Teaching Public Administration and Public Policy Huntington, N.Y.: Nova Science 1560727381 Yes
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Alexander, Sylvia 2004 Effective Learning and Teaching in Computing Routledge Falmer 0415335000 Yes
School of Social Work Hendricks, Carmen Ortiz; Finch, Jeanne Bertrand; Franks, Cheryl L. 2005 Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: A Guide for Social Work Field Education Council on Social Work Education Press 087293117X Yes
Social Work Burgess, H., & Taylor, I. 2005 Effective Learning and Teaching in Social Policy and Social Work London: RoutledgeFalmer 0203415892 Yes
Sociology Krogh, Marilyn C. 2006 Preparing Graduate Students to Teach: Syllabi and Related Materials from Graduate Courses on the Teaching of Sociology American Sociological Association   Yes
Statistics and Actuarial Science Gelman, Andrew;
Nolan, Deborah
2002 Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks Oxford University Press 0198572247 Yes
Theatre Carroll, John;
Anderson, Michael;
Cameron, David
2006 Real Players?: Drama, Technology and Education Trentham Books 1858563658 Yes
Theatre Stadter Fox, Maria 2005 The Theater of Teaching and the Lessons of Theater Lexington Books 0739110330 Yes
Tourism, Events, and Attractions Hsu, Cathy H.C. 2006 Global Tourism Higher Education : Past, Present, and Future Routledge 0789032821 Yes
Tourism, Events, and Attractions McKercher, Bob;
Williams, Gary;
Chernish, William
2002 The Internet and Travel and Tourism Education CRC 0789016508 Yes

Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Scott Bukstein
College of Business Administration Scott  Bukstein My teaching philosophy is centered on challenging undergraduate students intellectually to enable students to develop personally, academically, and professionally. I fully understand that there is a difference between an instructor lecturing and students learning. I view each class period as an interactive bus...

Alisha Janowsky
College of Sciences Alisha Janowsky A student should never leave a psychology course bored...period. My job is to teach human behavior—that cannot be boring! Like everyone else, students are naÏve psychologists with their own intuitions about why people act as they do. Whether teaching large classes, online classes, or small seminars,...

Sandra Wheeler
College of Sciences Sandra Wheeler As an anthropologist and educator, I engage students in the exploration of human difference and understand it as a strength rather than weakness. In the current political climate where human difference is commonly feared and vilified, we need students to think anthropologically and appreciate the complex and diver...