Online Grades: Excel File Upload


Instead of entering grades via an "online final grade form," it's also possible to upload a specially-formatted Excel file (with column limitations) containing your final grades. This method will be recommended for larger classes. Note: the process may be somewhat complicated for novice and intermediate users of PeopleSoft, so instructors of medium/small classes may find it more time-expedient to individually enter grades electronically with the online final grade form instead.

Abbreviated Instructions: 23 Clicks From Start to Finish


Log in



Faculty/Advisor Self-Service






View My Teaching Schedule


Click on icon

My Grade Roster



"Upload Grade Roster" (word link at the top of the page)



Download (next to the class you want)



"Save as" and CTRL simultaneously.  Save file to desktop.



File saved in step 8 with Excel


Copy and paste

Final grades from your Excel, myUCF, or Webcourses gradebook to the roster opened in step 9



As .csv file to your desktop (Mac users: you must save as filetype "Windows Comma Separated" csv for it to work)



YES when asked about lost functionality



UPLOAD next to the class (still open from step 6)



BROWSE to locate file you saved in step 11






Progress of upload by clicking STATUS repeatedly until finished



Each student grade status in the window near the bottom






Errors or omissions using the electronic final grade form (you may want to "display unassigned roster only") or by correcting the .csv file and uploading it again



Roster Approval status to Approved (at top)



SAVE (at bottom)



Export grades to Excel (or "Printer Friendly Version" near the bottom)



Excel file of the submitted grades for your records

Click here to read the detailed instructions (where these 23 steps are explained in more detail), as well as a list of common problems and frequently asked questions.

Moving Grades From Webcourses

There is no direct download from Webcourses to PeopleSoft. However, it is possible to download the grade book from Webcourses to your local computer, and also download the official grade roster to your local computer, and then use the grade book to (very carefully!) paste just the final grade into the grade roster for re-uploading as per the instructions above.

Note that you can export the gradebook in CSV format, but you must be cautious about matching up lines of students with your grade roster. Students with W's will *not* be listed in these gradebook downloads; you must manually insert a line and add the student name (just paste from the end-of-semester grade roster, complete with W). You will also need to check whether your downloaded gradebook includes a line for TEST STUDENT. If so, it will need to be deleted to make your students line up. At the end of the spreadsheet, you will see three columns (Current Score, Final Score and Final Grade). The final letter grade will correspond to the value in the Final Score column, which may not be the same as the value in the Current Score column. Different values in the Current Score and Final Score columns indicate ungraded assignments in the gradebook.

Instead of pasting (which can be dangerous), we recommend that you electronically "match the NIDs" and cause the correct grade to be dropped in. This can be done via Excel (see below), but is even more convenient using the "UCF Grades Transfer" program.

  1. If you have Microsoft Access installed, download the file (compressed file) and unzip it to locate the file named "Grade_Transfer.accde"; skip to step 3
  2. If you don't have Access installed, use this .exe file (60 MB) instead; it will prompt you to install AccessRuntime and the UCF Grade Transfer Program
  3. Download your grade roster from myUCF (step 6 in the chart above; it will be named Grade_Roster.csv)
  4. Download your roster from Webcourses or your own Excel file that has student grades
  5. Double-click on Grade_Transfer.accde icon to run the program, and follow on-screen instructions (especially steps 1, 2, 3, and 5, which are required). A new file will be created after step 5, and you can close the Grade_Transfer program. Please note: if you have exported a CSV file from Canvas, each student's NID will be referred to as "SIS Login ID"
  6. Locate the new file (also named Grade_Roster.csv) in a sub-folder where the Grade Transfer program was located, and upload it per the instructions above. Mac users: make sure you save the file as "Windows CSV" or else it will not upload to PeopleSoft

If you lack Microsoft Access, you can accomplish NID-Match by Excel ("vlookup" table) rather than the downloadable program, using these steps:

  1. Download the grade roster (.csv) from myUCF using the 23 steps above. Save it using the filename Grade_Roster.csv and set aside.
  2. Export the gradebook from Webcourses (it will be called Grades-CourseName.csv), save it to your Desktop with any filename, and then open it from your Desktop.
  3. In the Webcourses export, delete rows 2 and 3, then arrange for the letter-grade column to be right next to the “SIS Login ID” column, deleting or moving other columns as necessary. Highlight these two columns and right-click to copy them.
  4. Open the grade roster from myUCF. At the bottom left, right-click to rename Sheet1 to “Roster”
  5. Next to the “Roster” tab, click the icon for a new worksheet
  6. Rename the new sheet “Webcourses”
  7. In the Webcourses sheet, cell A1 should be highlighted as your cursor’s current location. Right-click and “paste” the columns you had copied from the other spreadsheet.
  8. Highlight the two columns you just pasted. There’s a field just above the A1 cell (it might say “A1” at the moment); left-click your cursor here to type out a name for the combined area of highlighted columns. Name it “grades”
  9. In the lower-left corner, left-click to return to the Roster sheet.
  10. Left click into cell E2, which should be the “Grade” column for the first student.
  11. Type the following formula, without quotes: “=VLOOKUP(B2,'Grade_Roster.csv'!grades,2,FALSE)” and hit ENTER on your keyboard. This formula assumes that B2 is the cell with the NID for the topmost student in the Roster tab.
  12. You can copy this formula to the rows for the other students: highlight E2, put your cursor over the right-bottom corner of this cell, left-click (and hold) and then drag your mouse down the column. The formula should “spread out” to all the other rows, and deposit a letter grade in its wake.
  13. Spot-check a few students to verify the process has worked. If you see #N/A, the formula was unable to find a match for that student’s NID. It is likely the student’s NID has changed in mid-semester. Manually hunt for that student’s correct grade, and simply type in the letter grade over the #N/A for that one student.
  14. Save the Grade_Roster.csv again. Mac users: make sure you save the file as "Windows CSV" or else it will not upload to PeopleSoft. You will get a popup about being able to save only the active worksheet; click OK. You will get a second popup about functionality in the CSV format; click YES. The file is ready to be uploaded to myUCF. You can close Excel (you will be prompted about saving the file yet again, but there is no need to do so).

Incomplete Grades

A new procedure for incomplete grades was instituted in Summer 2008. Paper forms are no longer used, and a fully-electronic form has taken their place. Faculty members initiate the online I-grade form. Go to "View My Class Rosters" and find a link for Incomplete Grade Form below the list of your classes. The next page has two tabs (one for finding an existing form, and one for generating a new one). If making a new one, enter the student's ID number (which is their PID minus the initial letter). For Spring 2009, the term is 1350. The five-digit Class Nbr can be found under "class detail" on the list of your classes (i.e., the underlined link of your class name).

A form will be created. When you complete the sections and save the form, an email will be sent to the student (but not to your department). Your College does have access to these forms. Check with your department or College to see if they request additional action from you.

Video Walkthrough

This video shows you the grade uploading process to PeopleSoft from start to finish.

For Further Assistance

Contact the Registrar's Office (; 407-823-5510) for online grading assistance, such as missing rosters or missing students, and questions about policy. Contact the Faculty Center (; 407-823-3544) for questions about how to use the tools for online final grade submission.


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