Making General Education Count...and Not Just for Credit!

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017
1:00pm – 2:00pm
Venue: CB1-205

When educators evaluate whether their students are learning successfully and how they are teaching their subject, sometimes the enrichment value of what they teach can be forgotten. You've heard students say "this GEP class is tedious, boring, and irrelevant, just for credits..." but what if it wasn't? What if students actively discovered that their GEP course was instead the gateway to new ideas, critical thinking, and innovation at UCF? This integrative approach is exactly what GEP History courses are purposefully developing. What if everything you thought you knew about your profession was made stronger by what you know about its past and its connection to other fields of study? What if being historically curious and source sound allowed you to analyze and communicate more richly, diversely, and cogently in your major and career? What if delving into history meant more than an A for their GPA. Essentially, we are exploring History as the interconnected story of EVERYTHING and a foundation for a life pursuit of understanding. Come discuss how changing the message about your GEP course (regardless of the subject) can change your students' perception of their outcomes from it and bring deeper meaning to your teaching.