Teaching and Learning Days

Below are the details for upcoming Teaching and Learning days at the Faculty Center. Unless otherwise noted, these events take place in the Faculty Center in Classroom Building One, room 207.

June 14th, 2019: Exploring Digital Interactions with Students

Our June Teaching and Learning Day will explore digital interactions with students. We will cover such topics as motivating students in online environments, managing discussions and student-student interactions, and best practices for communicating with students using digital tools (email, Canvas, apps, etc.). The schedule will include time for discussions and Q&A. Check back here as the date nears for further details and registration instructions.

July 12th, 2019: New Syllabus and Gradebook Requirements


September 20th, 2019: Best-Kept Secrets: UCF Resources That Support Active Learning Across Modalities

9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

UCF offers and supports a myriad of resources that facilitate active learning in courses of all modalities. During this Teaching and Learning Day, representatives from the Faculty Center, Center for Distributed Learning, Office of Instructional Resources, and the Faculty Multimedia Center will present some resources that we consider our “Best-Kept Secrets”. We will frame the morning with active learning, break out into workshop-type sessions during which you can use the tools we present, and then hear from a panel of faculty who are avid users of these tools. Ultimately, you will leave with some new ideas for facilitating active learning online and face-to-face.

October 11th, 2019: Interactive Lectures and Techniques for Large Classes


November 8th, 2019: Case-Based and Problem-Based Learning



Downtown Campus Offerings

September 27th, 2019: Active Learning Classrooms


October 18th, 2019: Interactive Lectures and Techniques for Large Classes


November 15th, 2019: Case-Based and Problem-Based Learning



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Kenyatta Rivers
College of Health and Public Affairs Kenyatta    Rivers Based on my academic training, my clinical experiences as a speech-language pathologist working in public schools and skilled nursing facilities, and the advice and guidance that I have received from mentors over the years, I formulated a "teaching philosophy" when I came to the University of Central Florida ...

Vicki Lavendol
College of Rosen Vicki  Lavendol At Rosen College, my goal is to prepare our students to be successful leaders in hospitality. The Rosen College values of professionalism, leadership, and service are the perfect foundation. We build on that foundation each time we lead students in learning. In sharing information, I use a variety of learning ap...

Peter Telep
College of Arts and Sciences Peter  Telep During my time at UCF I have made some observations that strongly inform my teaching. Fact: Students who enroll in my classes do not, for the most part, enter the classroom without my enthusiasm for writing. Some are fairly determined; others want to learn enough to get by. Most do not actively seek feedback ...