Teaching and Learning Days

Below are the details for upcoming Teaching and Learning days at the Faculty Center. Unless otherwise noted, these events take place in the Faculty Center in Classroom Building One, room 207.

April 5th, 2019: Using Evidence-Based and Transparent Teaching Practices to Promote Learning

Our April Teaching and Learning Day will continue the themes of adopting research-based teaching practices and of making key concepts and course components more relevant and comprehensible to students. The schedule features faculty panels with opportunities for Q&A. Register at http://ucf.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2izZrmKZFlvsNwh by 5:00 p.m. on April 3.

[9:00–9:15] Coffee and Introductions

[9:15-10:30] Invitational Design: Online Housekeeping Tips to Welcome All Students
Karen Tinsley-Kim, University of Central Florida
Raquel Austin, University of Central Florida
Francisca Yonekura, University of Central Florida

Online instructors may be tempted to think it is too challenging to fully engage all of their students. This can be due to the variety of students whose identities may not be completely apparent in digital environments. Invitational design is a term that communicates the idea of welcoming all students to online courses to support their educational success. This implies a proactive approach to course design that is not expected to be easy and takes time, but the long-term benefits of student success should be kept in mind. Invitational design is thought to be like welcoming guests into your home.

[10:30-10:45] Break

[10:45-12:00] Panel presentations
In this session, you will hear from individual faculty members who are participating in a Course Innovation workshop series to transform elements of their courses for greater student success using evidence-based practices and articulating clearer course expectations. There will be two panels of three faculty members with Q&A time following each one.
First Panel: Jessica Waesche, Kerstin Schroeder, Caitlin Pierson
Second Panel: Martha Brenckle, Jennifer Short, Alisha Janowsky

[12:00–1:00] Lunch

Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Arup Guha
College of Engineering & Computer Science Arup   Guha The ultimate goal of any educator should be to enable his/her students to achieve their potential, not only in a specific class, but in life in general. I attempt to attain this goal through four major techniques: providing a friendly classroom atmosphere, providing encouragement for all groups of students, adapti...

Rani Vajravelu
College of Sciences Rani Vajravelu My teaching philosophy is to provide the best pedagogical experience that opens avenues for life-long learning. I help students to develop an appreciation for the course content which will prepare them for the work force and real world situations. I strongly believe that high quality education also can be cost...

Rani Vajravelu
College of Sciences Rani   Vajravelu My goal in teaching is to promote student success without compromising quality education. I use an interactive teaching style in all my courses, which range from large non-major to small-enrollment Honors and upper division classes. I create a learning environment that is mutually enjoyable for the teacher a...