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In December 2022, we introduced our Holiday Retreat, a new event that provided a series of hands-on workshops with a focus on developing individualized “student success modules” faculty could deploy in their courses. 

This year, our Holiday Retreat will take place on Thursday, December 14 (the day after grades are due).

The focus of the 2023 Holiday Retreat will be “Teaching with Artificial Intelligence.”

The shape of this event is different from our previous events. Faculty are not asked to submit project proposals, create projects during the event, or give presentations. As a result, there are no stipends for participation. We do, however, provide not only snacks at breakfast and breaktimes, but also a pasta/salad lunch (including vegetarian options). The only event deliverable is a short description of how participants intend to implement concepts and strategies they learned about at this retreat. While the Faculty Center’s mission focuses on face to face teaching, we recognize many faculty also teach online, and some time will be set aside to brainstorm online applications of the strategies introduced at the event.

Registration closed on 12/10/23.

If interested in archived Winter Conference materials, email