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The Faculty Center holds monthly events during the semester, typically on Tuesdays. These events offer two or more concurrent sessions in each of three time slots, much like a mini-conference. By their very nature, they are held in-person only, with remote options only available when the entire event is held online.

Each Teaching and Learning Day is announced several weeks before the event, and participants sign up to reserve a spot (participation is capped at 75). This event is for full-time faculty only, and we provide lunch in the form of pizza, and subs and salad from Publix. Since participation is limited, we ask that faculty only sign up if they can attend at least two sessions.

Typical schedule:

9:00-10:00 = Session 1 (one topic)
10:10-11:10 = Session 2 (choice of two topics)
11:10-12:10 = Session 3 (choice of three topics)
12:10-1:00 = hosted lunch

The third event of fall and spring terms (November and April) is held virtually. Summer events are also held virtually.

We will announce June and July sessions soon.

Upcoming Teaching and Learning Days:

Tuesday, January 24 – Lightning Zoom Session: “Maximizing social interaction”
Tuesday, February 7
Wednesday, February 15 – Lightning Zoom Session: “Brainstorming”
Monday, March 6
Thursday, March 9 – Lightning Zoom Session: “Awakening Interest”
Monday, April 10 – Lightning Zoom Session – “Student Recall”