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Adjunct Orientation

We hold “nuts and bolts” orientation sessions for adjunct faculty once per semester. Topics we cover include:

  • Introduction to campus resources
  • Explanation of course modalities and other factors that affect teaching
  • Accessing email, workday, webcourses
  • Syllabus requirements
  • Posting grades
  • Facilitating student success
  • Dealing with cheating, plagiarism, and disruptive conduct
  • Having a successful first semester at UCF

The Adjunct Orientation is held virtually in Zoom a few days before any semester begins.

To register, go here or to make an individual appointment, contact the Faculty Center.

Adjunct Teaching Retreat

We also host a day-long retreat on a Saturday in August and January, in which adjuncts new to teaching can learn some of the basics. In addition to the topics addressed above, we go more in-depth on course design, classroom management, lesson planning, lecturing, active learning, and more. The event is free to attend for any new or returning UCF adjunct.

To register, go here, or contact the Faculty Center for more information.

Adjunct Hiring

At UCF, adjuncts are hired by individual academic departments (usually the department chair). Those interested in becoming adjuncts should inquire at the relevant department office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to consult both our list of frequently asked questions and our guide to semester essentials, which offers a timeline view of preparing for the semester.


Training in the Basics of Teaching

The Adjunct Teaching Retreat, discussed above, offers an overview of teaching topics and best practices.

Additionally, UCF staff have free access to Linda Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best. This book provides a deep dive into how to teach, and what to expect in the classroom.

Finally, FCTL has prepared a self-paced course on best teaching practices. Enroll here.