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We are happy to provide anytime, anywhere professional development. These short videos (3 minutes or less) highlight best practices in teaching and learning. They are organized by playlists to easily allow you to navigate. Themes include: Teaching at UCF, Student Learning, Teaching and Learning Methods, Active Learning Strategies and Activities, Special Populations, Assessment Techniques and Classroom Management. Learn more about each theme below.

Teaching at UCF

These short videos highlight the basics of working at UCF. There are instructional videos on your UCFID and NID, parking, who, what, and where to go for support. Additionally, you can view videos on preparing for your first day of class, FERPA Academic Activity, preparing your syllabi, and supporting your students.

Student Learning

This playlist includes videos on course design practices, including backward design and universal design for learning.

Teaching and Learning Methods

This playlist highlights a variety of instructional methods such as interactive lecturing, Socratic questioning, and more.

Active Learning Strategies and Activities

This playlist includes practical classroom strategies you can employ to deeper engage your students in the teaching and learning process.

Special Populations

Learn more about the iGeneration, non-traditional students, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Assessment Techniques

This playlist is ideal if you are looking for ways to assess your students’ understanding of classroom concepts in a short manageable manner.

Classroom Management

Learn best practices in handing conflict, motivating students, managing group work, and promoting academic integrity.