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We offer a range of programming to help teaching staff at UCF achieve their teaching goals and to encourage a culture of continuous improvement in teaching and learning. Navigate the right-hand menu for more information on:

  • Summer Faculty Development Institute, our flagship event. During the week following spring exams, faculty join dozens of other colleagues to attend and/or deliver presentations, participate in hands-on workshops, and work on projects they have proposed. (Grant-funded)
  • Holiday Retreat, our intensive deep dive via workshop and interactive sessions into relevant themes in teaching and learning. It takes place after exams in Fall.
  • Knighted Faculty, our year-long comprehensive training in university-level teaching. Cohorts of faculty members from across disciplines and faculty ranks engage in intensive peer learning culminating in broad-based teaching portfolios.
  • Semester-long faculty development cohorts, in which colleagues from multiple disciplines get together to work on individual course innovation projects related to a specific pedagogical topic, and give feedback to each other in learning communities.
    • May include an investigation that leads to a conference presentation.
    • Teaching-related book clubs are offered, in which teams of faculty read and discuss a specific book.
  • Teaching and Learning Days, mini-conferences with concurrent workshops on teaching. In some some months, offered instead as one-off themed events addressing specific issues about teaching and learning at UCF.
  • Adjunct Programs, including academic orientations and semester-long cohorts that address topics of specific interest to part-time faculty.
  • GTA Programs, including GTA training and our semester-long “Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty” course for graduate students.
  • Faculty Teaching Squares, teams of four faculty members who occasionally meet to discuss and reflect upon their own teaching, and who observe each other’s classes to enrich their own approaches to teaching.