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The Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning offers several programs for the professional development of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at UCF. For questions about becoming a GTA, please contact Graduate Studies.

GTA Training

Online Training

Graduate Studies and the University’s accrediting body require training before graduate students are permitted to work as Associates (instructors of record), Assistants, or Graders. All three levels of employment require online training. Graduate Studies will contact you about enrolling in training after they receive information from your department that you have been hired as a GTA or grader.

GTA Associate Zoom Meeting

If you are going to be a Graduate Teaching Associate (i.e., Instructor of Record), you need to take the one-day face-to-face training. Due to the ongoing response to the pandemic, this face-to-face training will be substituted by a virtual teleconference using Zoom.

To enroll in the training, you must separately register at the Grad Studies website. Please address any questions to

GTA Performance Assessment

UCF requires that the teaching-related performances of all Graduate Teaching Associates (Position Code 9183), Graduate Teaching Assistants (Position Code 9184), and Graduate Teaching Assistant-Graders (Position Code 9187) be assessed at the end of each term that the student serves as a GTA.

Departments and colleges may use any assessment tool available and gather information from any source that they determine to be relevant in order to conduct assessments of GTAs and to supplement the UCF GTA Performance Assessment Form. For example, departments may rely upon classroom visits, other informational observations, student ratings of instruction, other input from students, interviews and discussions with the GTA, and other evidences of performance that are available to the department.

The Assessment Form can be accessed on the Graduate Studies website.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty Program

Every semester we offer a voluntary face-to-face program on teaching at the college level that is open to all UCF Graduate Students. This program can serve as a replacement to the GTA Training if completed the semester prior to your appointment.

GTAs in the Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty program meet weekly and engage in a learning community facilitated by Faculty Center staff. Texts will be provided, and the program is free to participants. By the end of the semester you will have assembled a first draft of your teaching portfolio.

Program modules:

  • Student learning and motivation
  • Integrated course design
  • Teaching pedagogies
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Course climate
  • Career development

Graduate Teaching Associates (instructors of record), Graduate Teaching Assistants, and GTA-Graders have priority admission to the course. If you have questions about our Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty program, see our frequently asked questions.

PTF Registration Information

As UCF has temporarily moved all instruction online, Preparing Tomorrow’s Faculty program will not be offered in the summer semester. We are planning to start a new PTF cohort once the university resumes normal operations. Please check this page regularly for updates.