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The Knighted Faculty program is a year-long cohort designed to provide interested faculty members with comprehensive training in principles of teaching and student learning. In-depth training will be provided in the areas of integrated course design, assessment and feedback, student learning and motivation, teaching pedagogies, and course climate and classroom management.

The program begins with a week-long “boot camp” that meets remotely in May, followed by a mixed-mode non-credit course with monthly meetings during the following fall and spring semesters. (Thus, someone who began the program in May 2021 would finish program requirements in April 2022.) The program is open to instructional faculty (teaching SCHs) from any discipline. Participants who complete required deliverables receive a $500 salary supplement after the boot camp and an additional $600 at the end of the mixed-modal cohort in spring of the following year.

Watch this space for information about applying.

Knighted Faculty Cohort 2021
Congratulations to the first cohort of our Knighted Faculty Program, who had their knighting ceremony featuring Knightro on Friday, April 9, 2021!
Congratulations to our second cohort, whose ceremony took place on Friday, April 15, 2022!