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Your teaching philosophy, expectations and guidelines, teaching strategies, and time management could all be considered part of classroom management. In general, you can think of classroom management as your ability to facilitate teaching and learning within the context of classroom teaching.

We have specialized pages on attendance and civil pedagogy / controversial conversations. You may also wish to view the FAQ on HB7 and Instruction and Training. The text of HB7 is available here.

Please see the following three brief videos addressing key topics of classroom management:

Handling Conflict

Motivating Students

Managing Group Work

How do I develop goals for classroom management?

As with backward design, classroom management should be approached by first identifying what goals and outcomes you have for your classroom experience. Your goals can cover a lot of ground from “establish a compassionate tone with students” to something more specific such as “leave at least 10 minutes for Q&A every class period to make students feel heard.” Whatever your goal, it is important to start there and then think critically about how that goal can be assessed, and then what methods or techniques can be used to achieve that goal.

More information on classroom management

Check out the links below for information about a range of classroom management issues.

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