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Who We Are

The mission of the Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is to support excellence in teaching and learning at UCF. We are dedicated to promoting the success of our stakeholders—the UCF full-time, part-time, and graduate student faculty—and, indirectly, the students they serve and the staff and administrators with whom they work.

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Visit our Syllabus Statements page to see new required and recommended language for the fall semester.

Resources for Implementing BlendFlex

General COVID-19 Resources

Zoom Videoconferencing

The following online resources are available to provide help with using Zoom ( in your Webcourses:

Faculty Support Offices

Click here for a “where to find what” list of places to go when you’ve got a question or a problem as a teacher at UCF.

Full-Time Faculty

Whether you’re new or returning faculty, you may be feeling daunted by all the things you need to do before the first day of class. Visit this page for answers to basic questions about how to get started at UCF.

Adjunct Faculty

Being an adjunct faculty member can make it challenging to get the information you need. Visit this page for quick information about getting started at UCF and information about our adjunct programming.


Whether you’re a grader, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate teaching associate, we’re here to help you with teaching. Visit this page for resources and GTA programming.

Guide to Teaching at UCF

The Guide to Teaching at UCF is a one-stop source for most of your information needs as teaching faculty. It is a living document and is updated regularly; a print version is also available for new full-time faculty members at the beginning of each fall semester. View or download the book for everything from parking to pedagogy!

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