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Journal Acceptance Rates

This Excel file lists the acceptance rates of the largest SoTL journals, current as of 2010.

Journal Considerations - Provided by Andy Todd, UCF Libraries (Summer 2011)

JCR: Journal Citation Reports is a resource tool for journal evaluation and comparison of usage patterns for scholarly journals using citation data drawn from approximately 8000 titles worldwide in the sciences, and approximately 2,600 titles worldwide in the social sciences. Among other data, JCR can provide a list of the most frequently cited titles, those with highest impact (i.e., the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a particular year), and those with the greatest immediacy (i.e., how quickly the average article in a journal is cited).

The UCF libraries currently provides online access to Journal Citation Reports for current faculty, staff, and students:

Individual SoTL Journals (Interdisciplinary)

Academe - - Magazine of the American Association of University Professors.

Active Learning in Higher Education - - Focuses on all aspects of developments, innovations and good practice in higher education teaching and learning worldwide, including the use of information and communication technologies.

American Educational Research Journal - - Reports original research, both empirical and theoretical, and brief synopses of research.

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education - - An international journal that seeks to publish articles characterised by profound thought about both the interface between research and teaching in the subject in question and the transformational purposes of a higher education.

Chronicle of Higher Education -

College Teaching - - focuses on how teachers can improve student learning.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education - - multi-disciplinary, refereed, online publication with general and discipline-specific sections.

Effective Teaching - – Dialogue on peer review of university teaching.

Innovations in Education and Teaching International - - journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association, focusing on innovation in higher education through staff and educational development.

Insight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching - -a refereed journal with articles that are geared toward a broad range of post-secondary faculty and administrators and content that is generalizable across a variety of disciplines.

Instructional Science - - journal focuses on publishing original empirical research on "learning by people of all ages, in all areas of curriculum, and in informal and formal learning contexts."

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning - - seeks to publish research, analysis and practice "related to all aspects of implementing problem-based learning in K-12 and post-secondary classrooms."

International Journal for Academic Development - - A journal published four times a year focusing on the theory and practice of educational development in higher education internationally.

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - - The IJ-SoTL is an open, peer-reviewed, international electronic journal published twice a year by the Center for Excellence in Teaching at Georgia Southern University to be an international vehicle for articles, essays, and discussions about the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and its applications in higher/tertiary education today. All submissions undergo a double-blind peer-review process.

Journal of Adult Education - - Provides a regional forum for discussion of current issues and research in adult education, its evolution and future.

Journal of Classroom Interaction - - An international journal focusing upon classroom interaction and student learning.

Journal of College Science Teaching - - Published by the National Science Teachers Association

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching - - Forum for faculty to share proven, innovative teaching in colleges and universities. Published by Miami University, the peer-reviewed journal seeks articles about "all areas of teaching and learning."

Journal of General Education - Published by Penn State UP, the journal seeks articles that provide "innovative methods in teaching and assessment, profiles of exemplary general education programs, case studies of successful curriculum development efforts, and reviews of books and monographs related to general education."

Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development - - Dedicated to helping Teaching Assistants become better instructors and to help institutions in developing their role within higher education.

Journal of Higher Education - - Investigates issues of higher education teaching, administration, evaluation, and management.

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - -Includes articles on teaching and learning processes at colleges and universities.

Journal of the Learning Sciences - - Provides a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of research on learning and education.

Learning and Individual Differences - - Devoted to publishing articles that contribute to an understanding of individual differences within an educational context.

Learning and Instruction - - Multi-disciplinary journal that provides a platform for the publication of the research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) - - Published in the United Kingdom, LATHE is an interdisciplinary refereed journal providing an accessible international forum for scholarly debate related to learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. LATHE aims to serve as an effective dissemination mechanism for pedagogic research and development through the publication of scholarly articles, book reviews and case studies of effective practice.

Learning Communities Journal - - A peer-reviewed journal published by and for faculty, faculty developers, and administrators at universities and two- and four-year colleges to share research about, experiences with, and student and faculty learning through learning communities. The Journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion about all areas affecting faculty and student learning communities, and gives community participants the opportunity to share proven, innovative strategies and thoughtful, inspirational insights.

Liberal Education - - expresses the voices of educators nationwide who are working to enrich liberal learning.

Mind, Brain, and Education - - publishes peer-reviewed articles concerned with brain and behavioral issues relevant to the broad field of education. MBE provides a forum for the accessible presentation of basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, cognitive science, and education.

Mountain Rise - - MountainRise is an open, peer-reviewed, international electronic journal published twice a year by the Coulter Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at Western Carolina University for the purpose of being an international vehicle for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) .

National Teaching and Learning Forum - - Newsletter that provides a forum for dialogue regarding the challenge of teaching and learning in the college classroom. (Newsletter; not refereed)

New Directions for Teaching and Learning - - Presents ideas and techniques for improving college teaching based on both the practical expertise of seasoned instructors and on the latest research findings of educational and psychological researchers.
(Not refereed)

Numeracy - - A quantitatively focused journal published twice a year that accepts evidence-based articles and reviews on academic research and design.

The Peabody Journal of Education - - Publishes quarterly symposia in the broad area of education and human development.

Research in Higher Education - - Features original theoretical and in-depth empirical research about the functioning of post-secondary educational institutions.

Review of Higher Education - - Articles, essays, and reviews discuss issues affecting higher education. Official journal of ASHE.

Simulation and Gaming: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research - - International forum for the study and discussion of simulation/gaming methodology used in education, training, consultation, and research.

Teachers College Record - - Journal of research, analysis, and commentary in the field of education.

Teaching in Higher Education - - Addresses the roles of teaching, learning and the curriculum in higher education in order to explore and clarify the intellectual challenges which they present.

Teaching Professor - - Offers concise information to help faculty members teach more effectively. Topics include giving lectures, testing, planning courses, student passivity and working with teaching assistants. (Newsletter; not refereed)

Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University - - Explores the history, present circumstances, and possible future of America’s hardest working but least studied institutions of higher learning—Regional State Universities or, to use a more recent and revealing title, State Comprehensive Universities (SCUs). Publishes reflective essays that explore the satisfactions and frustrations of careers spent at SCUs, studies of specific topics based on quantitative and/or qualitative research, and articles that focus on application.

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal - - A forum for conversations intended to foster the improvement of adult teaching and learning. Facilitates the multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas, actions, and results of innovative and professional practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Individual SoTL Journals (Technology Focus)

American Journal of Distance Education - - Accepts articles based on research. Topics can include methods and techniques of teaching at a distance, learning, management and administration, and policies, theories and values that drive distance education. (peer-reviewed)

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology - - is a “refereed academic journal publishing research and review articles in educational technology, information and communications technologies for education, online and e-learning, educational design, multimedia, computer assisted learning, and related areas.”

British Journal of Educational Technology - - A refereed journal that covers the range of education and training. There is a concentration on the “theory, applications and development of educational technology and communications.”

Campus Technology - - is a magazine that covers “specific technologies, their uses, and implementations on campus.”

Computers and Education - - welcomes any papers on “cognition, educational or training systems development using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain.” (peer-reviewed)

Education and Information Technologies - - aims to “provide perspectives at all levels” in the “growing and significant field of education and information technologies.” (peer-reviewed)

Educational Technology Research & Development - - is the only scholarly journal in the field focusing entirely on research and development in educational technology.

EDUCAUSE Review - - is a magazine that “takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society.”

Innovations in Education and Teaching International - - The official journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association and its content focuses on new developments in educational technology.

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-learning and Learning Objects - - An interdisciplinary forum that publishes high quality, peer-refereed articles on theory, practice, innovation, and research that cover all aspects of E-learning and Learning Objects.

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - - The primary aim of the journal is to promote a deeper understanding of the nature, theory and practice of the uses of computer-supported collaborative learning. A main focus is on how people learn in the context of collaborative activity and how to design the technological settings for collaboration.

International Journal of ePortfolio - - The mission of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) is to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings. The journal’s focus includes the explanation, interpretation, application, and dissemination of researchers’, practitioners’, and developers’ experiences relevant to ePortfolio. It also serves to provide a multi-faceted, single source of information for those engaging in projects and practices associated with ePortfolio. 

International Journal of Technology and Design Education - - seeks to encourage research and scholarly writing about any aspect of technology and design education. Critical, review, and comparative studies are particularly prominent, as are contributions which draw upon other literatures, such as those derived from historical, philosophical, sociological or psychological studies of technology or design, in order to address issues of concern to technology and design education. (peer-reviewed)

International Journal on E-Learning - - is a journal that serves to “to facilitate the international exchange of information on the current research, development, and practice of e-learning” in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education. (peer-reviewed)

International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning - - is a refereed, open access e-journal that disseminates original research, theory, and best practice in open and distance learning worldwide.

The Internet and Higher Education - - is a peer-reviewed journal with a broad scope, focusing on a range of issues related to online teaching and learning.

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks - - provides “practitioners in online education with knowledge about the very best research in online learning.” Articles that stress results and are backed by data make up most of the submissions.

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching - - concentrates on IT in the teaching of math and science. (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Computing in Higher Education - - publishes original research, literature reviews, implementation and evaluation studies, and theoretical, conceptual, and policy papers that contribute to our understanding of the issues, problems, and research associated with instructional technologies and educational environments. Priority is given to rigorous research concerning the integration of IT in higher education.

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia - - JEMH’s main goal is to “contribute to the advancement of the theory and practice of learning and teaching using these powerful and promising technological tools that allow the integration of images, sound, text, and data.” (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Educational Technology & Society - - The aim of the Journal of Educational Technology & Society is to inform educators and educational system developers of each others’ roles. (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Interactive Learning Research - - publishes papers related to the underlying theory, design, implementation, effectiveness, and impact on education and training of interactive learning techniques. (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Interactive Media in Education - - supports a wide range of studies on education and interactive media. (open peer review process)

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - - welcomes papers on all aspects of online learning and teaching. (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Research on Technology in Education - - “ International in scope and thorough in its coverage, the theoretical and conceptual articles in JRTE define the state of the art and future horizons of learning and teaching with technology in educational environments.” (peer-reviewed)

Journal of Science Education and Technology - - is an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed, contributed and invited articles to improve and enhance science education at all levels worldwide.

Journal of Technology Education - - provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. Manuscripts should focus on technology education research, philosophy, and theory.

Learning, Media & Technology - - is an international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to stimulate debate on the interaction of innovations in educational theory, practices, media and educational technologies. (peer –reviewed)

Online Classroom - - Newsletter that provides practical advice and examples of proven, research-based pedagogical techniques to help instructors and course developers create and teach outstanding online courses.

Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning - - is a peer-reviewed journal “in the field of open, flexible and distance learning.”

Quarterly Review of Distance Education - - is a rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, research, and practices of distance education.

Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E. Journal) - - Articles from educators involved in integrating technology on their campuses and into their curricula.

Technology, Pedagogy and Education - - seeks to serve the international education community by supporting educators in the integration of information and communications technology in teaching and learning. It focuses on research evidence and critical analysis on all aspects of ICT and its relation to teacher education and professional development in all phases of education. (peer-reviewed)

Individual SoTL Journals (Listed by Discipline)

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Journals
Educational Researcher (ER)
American Educational Research Journal (AERJ)
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA)
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics (JEBS)
Review of Educational Research (RER)
Review of Research in Education (RRE)

Accounting Education -
Issues in Accounting Education -
Journal of Accounting Education -
International Journal of Accounting, Education, and Research -

Anthropology and Education Quarterly -
Anthropology Today -
Teaching Anthropology -

Architecture and Urban Planning
Journal of the American Planning Association -
Journal of Planning Education and Research -

Journal of Aesthetic Education -
Art Education -
Arts Education Policy Review -
International Journal of Art & Design Education -
International Journal of Education & the Arts -
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism -
Studies in Art Education -
Journal of Learning through the Arts -
Journal of Dance Education -

Astronomy Education Review -

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education -

American Biology Teacher -
Advances in Physiology Education -
Bioscience -
Bioscience Education -
CBE - Life Sciences Education -
Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education -
Bioscene -
Journal of Biological Education -

Business Education Forum -
American Journal of Business Education:
Business & Management Education in HE:
Business Case Journal:
Business Education & Accreditation:
Business Teacher Education Journal:
Case Research Journal:
The International Journal for Business Education:
Journal of Business Case Studies:
Journal of Business Ethics Education:
Journal of Case Studies:
Journal of Critical Incidents:
Journal of Education for Business:
Journal of International Business Education:
Journal of International Education in Business:
Journal of Organizational Behavior Education:
Journal of Teaching in International Business:
International Review of Entrepreneurship Education -
Journal of Business Ethics -
Journal of Economic Education -
Journal of Strategic Management Education -
Journal of Teaching In International Business -

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education -
Chemistry Education Research and Practice -
The Chemical Educator -
Journal of Chemical Education -
Education in Chemistry -
Chemical Engineering Education -

Communication Education -
Communication Teacher -
Journalism and Mass Communication Educator -
Media and Methods -

Computer Science
ACM Transactions of Computing Education -
Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences -

Criminal Justice
Journal of Criminal Justice Education -
Justice Quarterly -

European Journal of Dental Education -
Journal of Dental Education -

Developmental Studies
Journal of Developmental Education -

Diversity Issues in Higher Education
Black Collegian -
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education -
Feminist Teacher -
Gender and Education -
The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education -
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education -
Journal of Diversity Management -
The Journal of Negro Education -
The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice -
Pedagogy, Culture & Society -
Race, Ethnicity and Education -
Women in Higher Education -
Diversity & Democracy -
On Campus with Women -
Radical Pedagogy -
Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy -

Research in Drama Education -
Theatre Topics -

Journal of Economic Education -

Action in Teacher Education -
Journal of Teacher Education -
American Journal of Education -
The Curriculum Journal -
Education -
Educational Administration Quarterly -
Educational Review:
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership -
Journal of Curriculum and Teaching -
Journal of Curriculum Studies -
Journal of Studies in International Education -
Kappa Delta Pi Record -

Educational Psychology
British Journal of Educational Psychology -
Educational Psychologist -
Journal of Educational Psychology -

Educational Research
Harvard Educational Review -
Instructional Science -
Journal of Educational Research -
Applied Measurement in Education:
Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education:
Assessment Update -
British Education Research Journal -
British Journal of Sociology of Education -
Comparative Education Review -
Contemporary Issues in Education Research -
Curriculum Inquiry -
Educational Assessment -
Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability - http:/
Educational Studies -
Higher Education Research & Development -
Journal of International Education Research -
The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education -
Research in Science & Technological Education -

ASEE Prism -
Computer Science Education -
Frontiers in Education - Conference Proceedings -
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education -
International Journal of Engineering Education -
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education -
Journal of Engineering Education -
Journal of Computing in Higher Education -
Journal of Educational Computing Research -
Journal of Educational Technology Systems -
Journal of Information Systems Education -
Journal of Information Technology Education -
Journal of Research on Technology in Education -
SIGCSE - Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education -
American Journal of Engineering Education -
Computers in Education Journal -
Engineering Education -
Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice -
PRISM Magazine -

ADE Bulletin –
Assessing Writing -
College Composition and Communication -
College English - College English –
Composition Forum –
Computers and Composition Online –
Community Literacy Journal -
Enculturation: A Journal for Rhetoric, Writing and Culture –
English Education -
Journal of Advanced Composition –
Journal of Business and Technical Communication -
Journal of Business Communication -
Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy -
Pedagogy -
Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning -
Research in the Teaching of English -
Rhetoric Review –
Rhetoric Society Quarterly -
Rhetorica -
Teaching English in the Two-Year College -
Technical Communication Quarterly -
The WAC Journal -
The Writing Lab Newsletter -
Written Communication -
Across the Disciplines - Composition Studies - Journal of English for Academic Purposes - Modern English Teacher -

Environmental Studies
Environmental Education Research -
Journal of Environmental Education -
Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology -

Journal of Applied Finance: Theory, Practice, Education -
Journal of Financial Education -

Journal of Forestry -

Journal of Geography -
Journal of Geography in Higher Education -
Planet Journal -
Teaching Geography -

Journal of Geoscience Education -

History Cooperative (compilation of history journals) -
The History Teacher -
Teaching History: A Journal of Methods -
Teaching History (London Historical Association) -
The OAH Magazine of History -

Hospitality Management
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education -
Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism -
SCHOLE: A journal of Leisure Studies & Recreation Education -

Information Studies
Journal of Education for Library & Information Science -
Journal of Information Technology Education -

Languages and Linguistics
ADFL Bulletin (Association of Departments of Foreign Languages) -
Bilingual Research Journal -
Canadian Modern Language Review -
Foreign Language Annals -
IRAL: International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching -
Journal of Second Language Writing -
Language Learning Journal -
Language Learning & Technology -
Language Teaching -
Language Teaching Research -
Linguistics and Education -
Modern Language Journal -
Second Language Research -
TESOL Quarterly -
Computer Assisted Language Learning -
Computer Assisted Language Learning – Electronic Journal -
ELT Journal -
International Association for Language Learning Technology -
International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching -
TESOL Journal -

Journal of Legal Education -
Journal of Legal Studies -
Legal Studies Forum -

Leadership and Policy Studies
Adult Education Quarterly -
Educational Leadership -
Innovative Higher Education -
Journal of Higher Education -
Research in Higher Education -
Sociology of Education -

International Review of Management -
Journal of Strategic Management Education -
Journal of Management Education -
Academy of Management Learning and Education:
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education -
International Journal of Management Education -
Management Learning: The Journal for Managerial and Organizational Learning -
Operations Management Education Review -

Journal of Marketing Education -
Marketing Education Review -

College Mathematics Journal -
Educational Studies in Mathematics -
For the Learning of Mathematics -
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology -
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education –
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching –
Mathematics Teacher -
PRIMUS : Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies -
Mathematics and Computer Education -
The Mathematics Educator -
MSOR Connections -
Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications -

Academic Medicine -
BMC Medical Education -
Learning in Health and Social Care -
Medical Education Online -
Medical Education -
Medical Teacher -
Teaching and Learning in Medicine -
Academic Psychiatry:
Educational Gerontology:
The Internet Journal of Medical Education:

International Journal of Music Education -
Journal of Historical Research in Music Education -
JMTE (Journal of Music Teacher Education) -
Journal of Research in Music Education -
Music Educators Journal -
Music Education Research -
Philosophy of Music Education Review -
Teaching Music -
Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education -
Contributions to Music Education -
Journal of Music History Pedagogy -
UPDATE: Applications of Research in Music Education -

Journal of Nursing Education -
Journal of Professional Nursing -
Nurse Educator -
BMC Nursing -

Ocean Sciences
Oceanography -

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education -
International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching and Practices -
Pharmacy Education: An International Journal for Pharmaceutical Education -

Metaphilosophy -
Studies in Philosophy and Education -
Teaching Philosophy -
Discourse -
Journal of Moral Education -

American Journal of Physics -
Physics Education -
The Physics Teacher Online -

Political Science
Journal of Political Science Education -
Perspectives on Political Science -
Political Science and Politics -
Perspectives on Political Science -

Cognition and Instruction -
Contemporary Educational Psychology -

Educational Psychologist -
Journal of Educational Psychology -
Journal of Instructional Psychology -
Psychology Learning & Teaching -
Teaching of Psychology -

Public Affairs
Journal of Public Affairs Education -
Teaching Public Administration -

Public Health
Health Education Research -
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior -
Advances in Health Sciences Education -
American Journal of Health Education -
American Journal of Health Sciences -
Health & Social Care Education -

Journal of Adult Theological Education -
Religious Education -
Teaching Theology and Religion -
Theological Education -
The Theological Educator -

International Journal of Science Education -
Journal of College Science Teaching -
Journal of Research in Science Teaching -
Journal of Science Teacher Education -
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering -
Research in Science and Technological Education -
Science and Education -
International Journal of Applied Science and Technology -
Journal of Natural Sciences Education -
New Directions (in Teaching and Learning in the Physical Sciences) -
School Science and Mathematics -

Social Sciences
Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences -
Social Education -
Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences -
The Social Studies -
Social Science Computer Review -
Theory & Research in Social Education -

Social Work
Journal of Social Work Education -
Journal of Teaching in Social Work -
Health and Social Care in the Community-
New Social Worker -

Sociology and Anthropology
Anthropology & Education Quarterly -
Sociology of Education -
Teaching Sociology -

American Statistician -
Journal of Statistics Education -
Teaching Statistics -
Statistics Education Research Journal -

Teacher Education
Action in Teacher Education -
Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education -
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education -
Education -
European Journal of Teacher Education -
Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education -
Journal of Education for Teaching -
Journal of Instructional Psychology -
Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education -
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance -
Journal of Science Teacher Education -
Journal of Teacher Education -
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education -
Reading Improvement -
Teachers College Record -
Teacher Education and Special Education -
Teacher Education Quarterly -
Teaching and Teacher Education -
Journal of Teaching in Physical Education -
Quest - (physical education)
Science Education -
Sport Management Education Journal -
The Teacher Educator -
The Physical Educator -

Technology in Education
Journal of Educational Computing Research -
Journal of Educational Technology Systems -
Journal of Research on Technology Education -
Journal of Technology Education -
Australian Journal of Educational Technology -
Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology -

Theater and Performance Studies
Teaching Theatre Journal -
Research in Drama Education -

Women Studies
Feminist Teacher -

ASHE Higher Education Report -
The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning -
Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education -
College Student Journal -
Community College Enterprise -
Community College Journal -
Community College Journal of Research and Practice -
Community College Review -
Counselor Education and Supervision -
E-SOURCE for College Transitions -
Higher Education -
The International Journal for the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning -
International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology -
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education -
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education -
International Journal of Technology and Design Education -
International Journal of University Teaching and Faculty Development -
International Review of Education -
International Studies Perspectives -
The Journal for Civic Commitment -
The Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness -
Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice -
Journal of College Teaching and Learning -
Journal of Continuing Higher Education -
Journal of Executive Education -
Journal of Further and Higher Education -
Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement -
Journal of Pedagogic Development -
Journal of Peer Learning -
Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability -
Journal of the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition -
Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice -
Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning -
Peer Review -
Perspectives in Learning Journal -
Studies in Higher Education -
Teaching & Learning Inquiry: The ISSOTL Journal -
Thinking Skills and Creativity -

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Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Karen Mottarella
College of Sciences Karen Mottarella Carl Rogers' Humanistic model inspires my teaching philosophy. The university classroom provides the perfect environment for students to develop their potential to grow positively. The university classroom is also a perfect forum to challenge and expand world views and views of "self." The opportunity for student...

Amir Behzadan
College of Engineering and Computer Science Amir Behzadan For me, being a teacher is not just what I do; it is who I am. My deep interest and passion for teaching stems from the fact that not too long ago, I was a student in pursuit of learning new ideas and solving the unsolved. I am a strong believer that learning from a good teacher makes a big difference in one&r...

Pamela Barton Roush
College of Business Administration Pamela Barton   Roush My philosophy is to inspire students to want to learn by providing interesting, challenging and fair learning opportunities. The university classroom should be a forum for discussion to promote critical thinking and communication through the blending of concepts and reality. Students should experience the ana...