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Frequently Asked Questions

Tasks and Resources

Academic engagement activity

Federal financial aid regulations require that we demonstrate students’ active participation in class during the first week. You’ll need to design an assignment—for example, a syllabus quiz, knowledge pretest, or discussion question—for that purpose. See CDL’s overview page for this requirement, including the deadlines for each semester.

Access UCF faculty e-mail

Please download our brief guide on accessing faculty webmail at UCF.

Access UCF network and computers

Once your paperwork is processed, you will receive a network ID (NID) to log in to UCF computers and Web systems. Your NID allows access to the MyUCF personal portal at, where you can view and manage personal information and access online course tools.

Access Webcourses

Using your NID, log in to Webcourses@UCF either via direct link or through the MyUCF portal for access to online course content (you will only be able to access at contract start date).

To request a development shell (a Webcourse where you can practice with Canvas that is not tied to any of your real classes), submit a ticket at

Common UCF acronyms

See our acronyms and abbreviations page.

Course development and training for online courses

If you’re teaching online only or mixed-mode courses, UCF has a huge range of resources for you. You can start by going to the Center for Distributed Learning intro page about online teaching. You’ll also find a list of formal training opportunities at their  professional development for teaching online page.

Critical university policies

Read through our critical policies document for materials from a variety of campus sources.

Enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an added layer of security that helps protect your credentials when signing in to UCF computer systems.

For information about MFA and support enabling it, visit UCF Information Security.

You can also view our brief guide on enrolling in MFA.

Faculty support offices

Visit our Faculty Support Offices page to get help.

Getting around campus

Use the online campus map to familiarize yourself with the locations of your office, classes, and the most convenient parking lots and garages.

Obtain a parking permit

Parking at UCF is by permit only and enforced by ticketing; be sure you know where you are allowed to park, and allow yourself adequate time to find a parking spot during the semester. Parking Services is located on the first floor of Parking Garage B near Ferrell Commons and the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Obtain your UCF ID card

Visit UCF Card Services to obtain your UCF ID card (if you haven’t already done so at orientation). The UCF Card is accepted everywhere on campus for various services, including restaurants and retail, printing/vending/copying, parking decals and fines, and health center appointments and prescriptions. The UCF Card also allows you access to athletic events, the recreation center, testing labs, and other on-campus locations. The UCF Card office is located across from the UCF Bookstore in the John T. Washington Center.

Place textbook orders

Contact the bookstore about textbook orders with AIP, and refer to the College of Undergraduate Studies’ page on textbook adoption.

Also visit our Affordable Instructional Materials page for ideas and tips for providing instructional resources to students.

Teaching at UCF book

This book provides an overview of the faculty support structure at UCF as well as introductory materials related to university teaching. It is a living document and is updated regularly.

Click here to download the digital copy of Teaching at UCF.

View class roster

To access your course roster, log in to the myUCF portal at and follow the steps in this brief guide.

New Teachers

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend one of our adjunct events, held near the start of each semester. You are also invited to participate in the Academic Orientation sessions focused on teaching and learning. Sessions are held in the Classroom 1 Building on the Orlando Campus.

Full-Time Faculty

New full-time faculty members at UCF participate in two required orientations, each having very different purposes. One is the New Employee Benefits and Payroll Orientation, at which you will complete the paperwork necessary for this very important area. The other is the Provost’s Academic Orientation, at which you will learn about various policies and procedures (including Tenure and Promotion) impacting your various roles as members of the UCF Faculty.

Graduate Teaching Associates, Assistants, and Graders

Graduate Studies and the University accrediting body require training before graduate students are permitted to work as Associates (instructors of record), Assistants, or Graders. All three levels of employment require online training, and Associates are further required to attend a single-day training session face to face (held just prior to the start of the first day of class in every semester).  You must separately register at the Graduate Studies website for the in-person Associate Training. Questions should be addressed to

Additionally, very semester we offer a voluntary program on teaching at the college level, open to all UCF Graduate Students. Visit our GTA Programs page for more information about both programs and to register for the upcoming semester.

FAQs about Technology Issues

How do I handle the security of sensitive information?

What is my first stop for anything technology related (computer logins, video equipment, laptops, projectors)?

UCF IT Support Center

Where do I go for help using Webcourses (Canvas)? Where do I go for Webcourses (Canvas) training?

Webcourses@UCF Support

Where do I go for help with online learning and teaching (credentialing, consultations, professional development)?

Center for Distributed Learning

Where do I go for help with recording lectures or video content for my courses?

Faculty Multimedia Center

Where do I go if I need to reset my passwords?

NID password reset tool:

UCF IT Support Center

Where do I go to request an interlibrary loan?

Who do I contact if I need help accessing or using myUCF?


FAQs about Professional Issues

How do I know if I am meeting ethical and compliance obligations?

University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Office

Where can I go to have my photo taken for a website or publication?

Office of Instructional Resources

Where do I go for help with promotion and tenure?

Faculty Excellence

Who can help me with conflict of interest and commitment disclosure?

University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Office

Who do I contact about information on teaching, research, or service awards?

FAQs about Teaching Issues

Where can I go for assistance with academic integrity issues (cheating, plagiarism, etc.)?

UCF Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Where do I go for help with software for teaching (Dreamweaver, MS Office, Photoshop, Camtasia) or media production to support my teaching?

Faculty Multimedia Center

Where do I go to score scantrons?

UCF IT Test Scoring Services

Where do international students go for help with immigration, admissions, employment, and other issues?

UCF Global

Where do student veterans go for academic support?

Veterans Academic Resource Center

Who can help a student who is in crisis or needs care-related assistance?

UCF Cares

Who can help me coordinate accommodations for students with disabilities (student accessibility)?

Student Accessibility Services

Who do I contact for help using plagiarism detection software (, Ithenticate)?

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Who do I contact if I have problems with grade submission?

Registrar’s office

Also see our instructions for online grade submission.

Who do I contact if I would like to use student response systems/clickers?

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
See our Classroom Response Systems page