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With UCF moving in the direction of active learning classrooms, we need a space to “play” with the furniture and technologies we are considering using. The Sandbox is a collaboration between the Faculty Center, the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) and UCF Information Technology (IT). This is a space where we can experiment with various pedagogies, furnitures, collaborative tools, and other technologies that might get scaled up to the rest of the university. Below are some photos of some Faculty Center activities in the Sandbox.

Can I Teach in the Sandbox?

We can’t have a space to play and no one to play in it! If you are interested in teaching in the Sandbox, we ask that you come prepared to use new and unfamiliar technology, provide feedback to us about the room and its components, and collaborate with us on research projects. If you have completed a Course Innovation Project on Active Learning Spaces at the Faculty Center, you are eligible to apply to teach in the Sandbox. The application can be accessed here.