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Active learning classrooms and other active learning spaces are spaces designed to promote active, engaged, and collaborative student learning. While you can utilize active learning techniques in any type of classroom, having a space designed to facilitate those techniques can greatly support your efforts to successfully integrate them into your course.

Active learning classrooms often include flexible furniture to facilitate collaboration and multiple projector screens to allow optimal viewing in any part of the space. They are often intentionally de-centered, meaning that there is no “front desk” or podium at which you will sit or stand. The effect of de-centering the space is that students feel a greater sense of agency and take more initiative in discussions and projects.

UCF continues to promote active learning with newly designed and upgraded classrooms. Each year over 50 classrooms are upgraded with active learning in mind. Discuss your active learning plans with your college scheduler and they, together with the Registrar’s Office, can help you find a space that meets your needs.

More information about active learning spaces

Take a look at these resources on active learning spaces to get practical advice on the adjustments required from teaching in traditional spaces: