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Online teaching at UCF is administered by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). There are three common modes of teaching online at UCF: Reduced-Seat-Time, or Mixed (“M”), fully online on the Web (“W”), and, the newest modality, Reduced-Seat-Time-Active-Learning (“RA”). If you hope to teach a class that has reduced seat time or is fully online, additional training will be required. Speak with your department chair about this training.

If you wish to add a Webcourses section to a face-to-face class, note that you will only be given a Webcourses account after you finish the online training course called “Essentials for Webcourses” (which can take up to a few days), enabling you to enhance your face-to-face class with a web page. Email about signing up for “Essentials”; include your full name and NID. To learn more and to register for Essentials, visit

CDL also provides numerous online and face-to-face training opportunities for instructors teaching online. Visit their schedule page for a list of training sessions and scheduled events. Their Resources Page offers links to many helpful files, such as their live training sessions recorded as a video for you to watch. The Center for Distributed Learning also maintains its own website of best practices in online teaching pedagogy.