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Online and Mixed Modalities at UCF

Online teaching at UCF is administered by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). There are three common modes of teaching online at UCF: Reduced-Seat-Time, or Mixed (“M”), fully online on the Web (“W”), and, the newest modality, Reduced-Seat-Time-Active-Learning (“RA”). If you hope to teach a class that has reduced seat time or is fully online, additional training will be required. Speak with your department chair about this training.

If you wish to add a Webcourses section to a face-to-face class, note that you will only be given a Webcourses account after you finish the online training course called “Essentials for Webcourses” (which can take up to a few days), enabling you to enhance your face-to-face class with a web page. Email about signing up for “Essentials”; include your full name and NID. To learn more about online teaching at UCF, visit

CDL also provides numerous online and face-to-face training opportunities for instructors teaching online. Visit their schedule page for a list of training sessions and scheduled events. Their Resources Page offers links to many helpful files, such as their live training sessions recorded as a video for you to watch. The Center for Distributed Learning also maintains its own website of best practices in online teaching pedagogy.

Transitioning to Remote Instruction from Face-to-Face

For a list of interactive techniques you can adapt to teaching in an online environment, please download our Pedagogical Suggestions for Moving Courses Online handout. Also refer to our Creative Pedagogy for Synchronous Online Instruction page for other resources and strategies.

The following PDF resources are provided under a Creative Commons CC BY SA NC 4.0 License. They were created by Torrey Trust, Ph.D., of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and have not been modified from their original forms: