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Due to the remote situation necessitated by COVID restrictions, the 2020 Winter Faculty Development Conference was facilitated entirely online over 1½ days in a Webcourse, with sessions happening virtually via Zoom.

This page contains a repository of participants’ submitted products, as well as presentation slides provided by our presenters.

Submissions Gallery

Name Department Submission Title Resource Type
Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen Mathematics Keep Teaching Demands Human Connections document
Pamela Baker Writing and Rhetoric Using Polls to Informally Assess and Engage Students in BlendFlex Courses video
Cheryl Briggs SVAD Software Demonstration using Zoom’s share screen feature and remote control of a student’s computer video
Sung Choi Yoo Health Management and Informatics The Application of Open Broadcaster Software for video-streaming based course content delivery document
Karin Chumbimuni-Torres Chemistry Reaching student by student in an online larger chemistry class using learning assistants document
Jonathan Cox Sociology Using Specifications Grading for Increased Student Engagement and Efficacy video
Stacey DiLiberto Philosophy Incorporating Authentic Assessments in Large GEP Humanities Courses document
Alicia Duffy History Teaching In-Person Classes on Campus: Why and How to Zoom broadcast TO the classroom computer instead of FROM the classroom computer video
Regina Francies Nicholson School of Communication STEMercise for K-12 Remote Learning: An Exercise in Resiliency document
Martha Garcia Modern Languages A Voyage Log: Diaries and journals in the virtuality of a new world horizon document
Alicia Hawthorne Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences Replacing Attendance Points: Reflection Assignments to Promote Metacognition and Career Readiness document
Timothy Hawthorne Sociology Virtual Career Connections in a COVID-19 World document
Deborah Horzen Modern Languages Using News Podcasts to Develop Listening Comprehension Skills in German document
Arthur Yan Huang Rosen Mixed Methods for Enhancing Experiential Learning document
Martha Hubertz Psychology Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Classes document
Murat Kizildag Rosen “Everything-Distanced” Teaching: Principles of strong distance teaching document
Elizabeth Kritzer Nicholson School of Communication Course Contract Grading and Detailed Rubrics to Increase Transparency document
Megan Lambert Writing and Rhetoric Community Building Strategies for Online, Virtual, and Socially Distanced Classes video
Vicki Lavendol Rosen Small Team Assignments to help students reflect on learning and build support systems with peers during the stressful and uncertain times in the tourism industry document
Iryna Malendevych Criminal Justice Intra-Course and Cross-Departmental Teamwork to Promote Interprofessional Collaboration document
Barry Mauer English Strategies for Conducting Inquiry-Based Literary Research (with John Venecek) document
Richard Plate Interdisciplinary Studies Using Zoom to Connect Students to Professionals in the Field document
Emily Proulx Writing and Rhetoric Making the Most Out of Zoom: Active Learning Engagement in “V” Mode Instruction document
Cesar Rivera Rosen Addressing the Teaching Challenges of 2020: Virtual Lectures, and Virtual Labs video
Supplement document
Abdul-Akeem Sadiq Public Administration Addressing the Teaching Challenges of Online Students in 2020 Through Engaging Discussions of Current Issues in Public Administration document
Anastasia Salter Texts & Technology Rethinking Remote Community: Using Slack for Virtual Engagement in Graduate Education document
Maria Cristina Santana Women’s and Gender Studies Should Gender Identity be Considered Ahead of Biological Sex for Inmate Security? Use of metadata to understand a digital library collection document
Kersten Schroeder Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences Is Case-Based Learning the Solution to the Challenges of Teaching in the Time of the Coronavirus? document
Nick Shrubsole Philosophy Virtual Close Reading, Large Class, Multiple Technologies document
Mariagrazia Spina Modern Languages “Buckle up for an emotional teaching journey”: Students build websites to explore Italian cuisine video
Anca Turcu Politics, Security, International Affairs Teaching Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement in Online Classes, with Focus on Race document
Carlos Valdez Integrated Business Getting Feedback from Students to Improve the Class During the Semester video
Stacy Van Horn Counselor Education Summarizing the Semester with Photos document
John Venecek Libraries Strategies for Conducting Inquiry-Based Literary Research (with Barry Mauer) document
Chia-Yuan Yu Public Administration Teaching a lab-based course in the online setting video
Widaad Zaman Psychology Becoming an Ally Assignment document


Presentation Materials