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Kevin YeeKevin has worked in educational development since 2004, serving as director of various teaching centers since 2012. He joined UCF’s Faculty Center in 2022. He has also previously held 9-month faculty positions at Duke University, Pomona College, and the University of Iowa.

He earned his Ph.D. in German Literature from UC Irvine in 1997, and has taught a wide assortment of German language and culture courses, as well as many courses in general humanities, film, and cultural studies, with a particular emphasis on popular culture. Recent examples include Cultural Analysis Through the Hunger Games, Interpreting Marvel’s Avengers, Critical Analysis of the Harry Potter Movies, Princess Fairy Tales, and Deconstructing Walt Disney World.

In the classroom, Kevin believes the science of learning provides a crucial foundation for instructors, influencing everything from course design and assessment structure, to classroom management and lesson planning. He is an avid believer in interactive teaching, and has curated a popular list of interactive techniques since 1992. More recently, he’s been developing resources for faculty related to AI Fluency and how to use generative AI (such as ChatGPT) in the college classroom. He has been an invited speaker on these and other topics in pedagogy both domestically and internationally.

His research interests within pedagogy are wide, and have included student motivation, study skills, and various emerging technologies for teaching. He is currently co-editing a book of case studies on the intersection of VR and ethics in the college classroom.

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