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Liz GiltnerDr. Elizabeth Giltner (Liz) has been a dedicated faculty member at the University of Central Florida since 2006. Over her 17 years at UCF, Liz has taught a wide variety of French language courses in face-to-face, online, mixed-mode, and video-live formats. In addition to her teaching role, Liz has also served on several committees, collaborated with colleagues on course redesign projects, and worked across disciplines as the UCF Abroad Faculty Fellow in 2021-2022 to establish Global Learning as a university-wide High-Impact Practice.

Throughout her career, Liz has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and an enthusiasm for continually developing her pedagogical knowledge and skills. Liz is particularly passionate about motivating students by piquing their curiosity and fostering their growing sense of competence and confidence. She values the opportunity to incorporate evidence-based approaches to enhance her lesson content and teaching techniques.

These interests, combined with her dynamic personality, strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and over two decades in the classroom, will enable Liz to connect effectively with fellow UCF faculty to support their growth and success in her new role as an Instructional Specialist with FCTL.

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