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The following presentations and posters were presented in March, 2024, at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management (UCF).

Monday, March 18

I cannot tell a lie.” Richard Nixon, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln (University of Wales)

Becoming a Better Teacher Looking Back to Move Forward.” Melissa McAllister (St. Petersburg College)

Experiential Learning through PhotoVoice.” Carrie Hall, Jennie Florkey, Christy Skelly (Florida Southern College)

Using Student Observers to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness and Evaluation.” Emad Mansour, Chris S. Ferekides (University of South Florida)

Quality Improvement of Teaching Practices.” Kamila Dell, Gwendolyn Wantuch, Kevin Olson (University of South Florida)

Tuesday, March 19

Do We Really Need to Have All of That Work In the (online) Course?.” Dr. John Griffith (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

Preparing Students for an AI-Integrated Workplace.” Jo Ann Smith, Ph.D (University Of Central Florida)

Invitational Design with AI Feedback.” Karen Tinsley-Kim, Francisca Yonekura (University of Central Florida)

Expanding the Computer Science Pipeline.” Sarah Angell, Kyle Dencker, Matthew Gerber, Arup Guha (University of Central Florida)

How to Prevent Academic Misconduct Using ChatGPT.” Mandayam Thirunarayanan (Florida International University)

Reviving the Book Review as a High-Impact Learning Experience.” Tyler Fisher (University of Central Florida)

The Integration of Learning Goals, Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Flipped Classroom, Team-based Learning, and Active Learning for the launch of the Integrated Business Program” Dr. Carole Ann Creque, Dr. David Penn, Dr. Carlos Valdez (University of Central Florida)

Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) & Open Educational Resources (OER) in Language Courses.” Anne Prucha Kacie Tartt Alma Alarcón Lisa Nalbone, Romina Sáez Tapia, Nathalie Amato Yair Fraifeld, Emily Irigoyen (University of Central Florida)

Wednesday, March 20

“Different(iating) Teacher Prep at the State College Level.” Nicholas Catania, Kristina DeWitt (State College of Florida)

Enhancing Learning through Conceptual Memes in the Classroom.” Gulfem Yucelen (University of South Florida)

Perceptions and Experiences of interdisciplinary Faculty and Students” Devon Cadwell Bazata, Dr. Stacey DiLiberto, Dr. Martha Hubertz, Iryna Malendevych, Dr. Richard Plate, Dr. Carlos Valdez (University of Central Florida)