Organization and Staff


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is a unit in the Teaching and Learning Division of Academic Affairs.


Melody Bowdon Ann Miller Eric Main

Melody Bowdon
Interim Assistant Vice Provost, DTL
Associate Dean, College of Undergraduate Studies
Executive Director, FCTL

Ann Miller
Interim Director

Eric Main
Associate Director

Julie Donnelly Landon Berry William Dorner

Julie Donnelly
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Landon Berry
Post-Doctoral Scholar

William Dorner
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Amber Mullens Chelsea Hilding Kris Hestad

Amber Mullens
Administrative Services Coordinator

Chelsea Hilding
Office Assistant

Kris Hestad
Senior Computer Specialist

Marie Brache Dawn Wright Nicole Garson

Marie Brache
Graphic Design Assistant

Dawn Wright
Research Assistant

Nicole Garson
Research Assistant


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Terri Fine
College of Sciences Terri     Fine My foundational approach to teaching is that content expertise must be transmitted well to a diverse learner population. While the substantive content goals are the same for every student, students come to me as individuals, with different interests, background knowledge, and skills. I try to draw every student in...

Matthew Bryan
College of Arts & Humanities Matthew    Bryan Students often tell me--openly, and sometimes proudly--that they hate writing. I like these students a lot. They talk about writing as though it's something they just cannot do, as if writing were a talent like being able to wiggle your ears or lick your elbow. Sometimes they tell quieter, sadder stories, too, sto...

Lisa Mills
College of Arts and Humanities Lisa Mills When I arrived at UCF eleven years ago I believed my primary role as an educator was to prepare students for a profession. My teaching philosophy has greatly changed since then, and my classroom activities and assessments reflect a new and evolving belief that I should learn from my students and that I have a res...