Organization and Staff


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is a unit in the Teaching and Learning Division of Academic Affairs.


Ann Miller Eric Main Amber Mullens

Ann Miller
Interim Director

Eric Main
Associate Director

Amber Mullens
Administrative Services Coordinator

Julie Donnelly Landon Berry William Dorner

Julie Donnelly
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Landon Berry
Post-Doctoral Scholar

William Dorner
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Kris Hestad Marie Brache Chelsea Hilding

Kris Hestad
Senior Computer Specialist

Marie Brache
Graphic Design Assistant

Chelsea Hilding
Office Assistant

Dawn Wright Nicole Garson  

Dawn Wright
Research Assistant

Nicole Garson
Research Assistant


Faculty Spotlight View Other Award Winners

Kevin Mackie
College of Engineering and Computer Science Kevin Mackie I believe in challenging students with concepts and historical, theoretical, and contemporary problems while sharing my passion for the subject matter. Ensuring students are forced to think for themselves is essential. I accomplish this in my classes through team and individual problem-solving sessions, and compli...

Mitchell Salter
College of College of Health and Public Affairs Mitchell Salter The foundation for my teaching philosophy is to provide students with immediate tools to apply their knowledge. I agree with teachers of educational progressivism, such as John Dewey, who believe education should teach skills in real life activities. I require students to test their skills using a scientif...

Houman Sadri
College of Sciences Houman   Sadri Education is a tool for improving the quality of life. Education is not an end in itself but a process. My teaching philosophy is to encourage critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, practical application of theory, using technology, and tolerance of diverse ideas and cultures from an international p...